The Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Antonio, Texas

There are many criminal defense lawyers in San Antonio and getting the best of the best can be cumbersome. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to get one as the list below provides some of San Antonio’s best criminal defense lawyers, as reported by current and previous clients.

The Law Office of Patrick L. Hancock

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The Law Office of Patrick L. HancockThe Law Office of Patrick L. Hancock is rated five stars according to Google Reviews and is reputable handling criminal defense cases with an experience of over 25 years. Patrick L. Hancock aims at developing a strong defense for criminal charges pinned against his clients and understands how the criminal justice system can be tricky. He has had a series of successful trials over the years managing to win ‘not guilty’ verdicts with his courtroom prowess.

He handles a broad range of criminal cases including capital murder, sexual assault, drug possession, DWI, aggravated assault, manslaughter, and domestic violence just to mention but a few. He is a highly recognized criminal defense lawyer and has been listed among the top 100 Trail Lawyers in Texas by The National Trial Lawyers and selected to be included in other prestigious lists.

Sergio Cantu, a former client, explains how grateful he and his family were after a member of their family, who was being accused of three serious felonies, was acquitted and all cases were dismissed. He says his family had gone to a few different lawyers without bearing desirable results before settling for Mr. Hancock.

Perez & Malik, PLLC

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Perez & Malik, PLLCPerez & Malik, PLLC are experienced immigration attorneys whose primary focus is to help their clients get fair legal representation, acquire legal working documents including visas, petitions and much more. They handle cases such as deportation, criminal defense for immigrants with illegal status or general criminal charges. They are both members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and have a Google Reviews rating of close to five stars.

Khaliq Eltom, who was facing a very difficult case with the US Embassy, holds Mr. Malik highly as he possesses the ability to be patient with his clients even if the case is complicated. Mr. Malik was also able to help Elton’s kids get US citizenship and the wife to get permanent residency.

Volk & McElroy, LLP

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Volk & McElroy, LLPVolk & McElroy, LLP are three renowned trial attorneys whose firm defends all crimes committed at the municipal, city and federal level. They purpose to resolve their client’s legal issues so that they can move on with life. Their 4.9 star rated firm has featured on CBS News, FOX, NBC, and ABC. It has also been featured in S.A. Scene (Best SA Lawyers), The College of the State Bar Of Texas and others.

Chris says before he retained the services of Mr. Volk he was lost and clueless however that changed soon after becoming a client of Volk and McElroy.

Rogers Garcia Patton, PLLC

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Rogers Garcia Patton, PLLCRogers Garcia Patton, PLLC is dedicated to giving their clients a high level of services and personal attention since 2012 RGP has been a member of the Texas bar for nine years and deal with state or federal crime and felony or misdemeanor. The firm is rated 4.9 according to Google reviews. One of the attorney’s Mr. Patton was recognized by SA Scene Magazine as one of the Top 10 Criminal Defense Lawyers in under five years of practice.

Christopher Lenyendecker, a client, emphasizes on the outstanding and professional service he got at RGP and the lawyers ability to give attention to detail of his case. He says he would not trust any other group of lawyers.

Daniel & Hudson

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Daniel & HudsonDaniel & Hudson are San Antonio lawyers with over four decades of combined experience in criminal law. The firm has a 4.8 Google star rating.  They have been recognized by the S.A. Scene Magazine to be among the best criminal defense lawyers for eight consecutive years between 2008-2015. One of the attorney’s, Brandon Hudson has been interviewed by CNN regarding a case. Their vast knowledge of criminal law has them defending against a wide range of crimes including; drug crimes, theft, assault crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, and DWI among other crimes. As their slogan says, if you are charged with a crime these two attorneys will fight for you. They have had a couple of reviews from satisfied clients including Mr. Robert Collins whose son got into trouble and was arrested while visiting San Antonio.

Mr. Robert expresses his joy in the firm’s ability to correspond with him and his wife, giving them details and updates about their son’s case. Mr. Daniel was eventually able to get the alleged evidence suppressed, and the car dismissed.

The Law Offices of Gary Churak, PC

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The Law Offices of Gary Churak, PCThe Law Offices of Gary Churak, PC was founded in 1982 and features criminal defense services of Gary Churak. Mr. Churak is a San Antonio lawyer with more than 30 years legal experience, representing clients in cases ranging from drug possession, sex crimes, DUI, DWI, and theft. His main mission is to provide reliable defense services to his clients. His firm scores a 4.8-star rating according to Google reviews.

Michael Davila, a client, was being accused by his neighbor for sexually assaulting her. He sought the services of Mr. Churak, who explained to Davila in detail the situation concerning the case. With the information Mr. Churak provided, they visited the detective handling the case, and Davila was able to prove his innocence, and the case was closed.

If you are being accused or charged with criminal charges in or around the San Antonio area, don’t wait to hire a qualified criminal defense lawyer to present you. While the abovementioned list is meant to be a starting point, it is based solely on the reviews of each respective law firms, clients. While every attorney can promise to work hard for you, not all of them will be able to get the results you are looking for. By obtain personal referrals from friends or family members, and going over the numerous reviews that can be found online, you can find a capable attorney to help represent you in your time of need.

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Disclaimer: The above-mentioned attorneys are not all members of Esteemed Lawyers of America®. Inclusion on this list is based on client reviews found on various attorney review websites.