A law firm marketing plan often includes traditional tactics such as featuring the law firm on a billboard, sponsoring local events in the community, and launching digital ads that target potential clients.

These strategies can be effective for some law firms, but they can also be expensive.

Plus, consumers get bored when they are exposed to the same types of advertising all the time, which makes each campaign less effective.

The best way to market a law firm is to use a unique strategy that other law firms aren’t implementing.

Can Unique Branded Promo Items Help Me?

One of the best law firm advertising ideas involves distributing branded promotional items to potential clients.

But, put some thought behind what items you choose to distribute.

It’s important to choose promotional items that people in your target audience will actually want and use in their everyday lives.

For instance, a criminal defense lawyer who is interested in acquiring new DUI clients may want to choose a bottle opener.

This is an item that many of his potential clients will use on a regular basis, which is why it’s perfect for this strategy.

Locate bottle openers that can be customized with your branding and then order them so you can implement this strategy.

When designing the bottle opener, be sure to emphasize the fact that you are a DUI attorney.

The next step is identifying a place where these bottle openers can be distributed.

To find the perfect place, think about where your potential clients will be.

A good place to find DUI clients is at local bars, for example.

Where Do Potential Client Spend Their Time?

Spend an afternoon visiting local bars in the community and dropping off a box or two of the customized bottle openers.

Let the bartender or manager know that the bottle openers can be distributed to their customers at no charge.

Now, all that’s left to do is sit back and wait.

Some law firms acquire new clients after one round of handing out promotional items, but it may take several rounds before you hear from a new client.

It only costs around $500-600 to implement this strategy, so even if you only acquire one new client, you will see a return on your initial investment.

This is a great marketing tactic for all law firms, but it’s especially effective for those who want to specialize in one area of law, such as DUI crimes.

Be creative when thinking of which items to use and where to distribute them-you know your clients better than anyone!