Have you ever noticed that a few listings appear underneath a Google map every time you search for a local business?

If you want to acquire new clients, it’s important for your law firm to appear in these local listings.

These listings are the first thing the user will see when reviewing the search results.

Each listing also contains basic information the user needs to quickly make contact with your law firm, which means it is easier to convert users when you appear in these spots.

How can you get a sought after Google maps listing?

Follow these steps:

Update Your Primary Category

If your law firm already has a Google business listing, it will need to be updated in order to increase your chances of getting a Google maps listing.

The first step is choosing a specific primary category that describes your law firm’s main practice area.

For instance, a law firm that only handles criminal cases would choose “criminal defense attorney” as opposed to “law firm” or “lawyer” since these are too general.

“Criminal defense attorney” clearly explains the services offered by your law firm to both people who land on this page and Google.

If you can’t decide between two categories, it’s always best to go with the one that is more specific.

Update Secondary Categories

The next step is adding secondary categories.

These categories should describe your law firm, but they will be more general than the primary category.

Many law firms include general practice attorney, law firm, lawyer, and trial attorney as secondary categories.

To see a full list of options, click on the pencil icon and type in the word “attorney.”

All of the categories that are related to the legal field will begin to populate so you can choose those that best describe your firm.

Incorporate These Categories Elsewhere

It’s best to incorporate the selected categories into your website so Google can tie these pages together.

For example, if you have selected “general practice attorney” as a secondary category, make sure this term appears throughout your website as well.

Do this for each category selection to create a traceable link for Google.

Many lawyers who have implemented this legal marketing strategy have found that it has made a huge impact on their presence in Google maps.

Unlike other law firm marketing strategies, this strategy does not require any technical skill or SEO experience to implement.

Anyone who knows how to log into the law firm’s local business listing can easily make this change and monitor the results.