According to Google Consumer Survey, 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine.

The need to make a good first impression and then engage with prospective clients is immense.

Often, a great deal of attention is paid to the design of the law firm logo, but the slogan, or tagline, is ignored.

An effective law firm tagline that to which clients instantly connect is a step towards gaining their trust, proving your value and clinching the deal.

A slogan or tagline is the essence of the problem you’re solving for your clients.

Here’s how you can get an edge over others and craft a law firm slogan that instantly attracts potential prospects.

1. Evoke a personal, emotional reaction in your audience

Features are important, but, benefits are the driving force behind an effective tagline.

Law firms like to bend towards vague feature-driven taglines, like, ‘Everything Matters’ (DLA Piper), or ‘Exploring opportunities. Expanding possibilities’ (Dickson Wright).

These lawyer slogans say absolutely nothing about the firm, the services they offer, or the people they serve.

Craft benefit-driven law firm slogans by asking yourself the following questions.

  1. What services do you offer?
  2. What makes you different?
  3. Why should anyone care?

The answer to your second question will help you shape your law firm’s tagline based on benefits.

When you show what clients stand to gain from your services, you connect instantly. 

2. Use your clients’ words in your law firm slogan

Talk to your clients.

Call them, email them, or ask them in person what they think about your law firm.

What are their thoughts on the way you serve them?

How would they describe your firm and your services?

Use the words that most of your clients use to describe your law firm in your tagline.

This will give an authentic feel to your slogan and help you connect with potential clients at a deeper level.

Sandberg Phoenix provides clients a written service guarantee, that’s how seriously they take their client service.

And this is precisely what their tagline, ‘Seriously Unbelievable Client Service” highlights.

Another example is Morgan and Morgan’s tagline, ‘For the People’ – short and sweet, as a personal injury firm, it clearly says that it’s for the regular people. Being short, it also fits nicely into their logo.


3. If you have a niche practice, focus on it

If you have a law firm that focuses on a specific problem, caters to a niche audience, or works with a particular community you can make your tagline all about that.

It will help your law firm stand out and attract your target audience with ease.

One particular firm targets an estate and tax planning audience.

The law firm is located in an arts-oriented community.

Their marketing campaign with the tagline, ‘The Art of Law,’ saw astounding success as it shook the entire arts, legal and business community in the area.

The motto is simple but says so much about the community it caters to.

4. Think different

Use your unique selling proposition to make your law firm slogan stand out in a strategic way.

What do you offer that others in your niche don’t?

A great example is a Chicago-based firm’s tagline, ‘2 hours. Period’.

They’re known as Chicago’s most responsive law firm.

Every client phone call is answered within two hours and even less in emergencies.

It’s short, addresses a common pain point, and it’s effective.

5. Don’t be afraid to use a little humor in your tagline

You can use humor in your law firm’s tagline, as well.

However, the thing with humor is that it needs to be done right or else it’s a massive fail.

And it’s better to have no tagline than to have a horrible one.

A great example is an agricultural law firm based in California’s Salinas Valley.

Their tagline, ‘The Lettuce Lawyers,” is not only tasteful and amusing but also speaks volumes about what they specialize in.

6. Flaunt your illustrious past

Take advantage of your history.

Are you the oldest law firm in the area?

Or have you been working in the law field for over 20, 30 or even 40 years?

Use it in your law firm slogan.

You’ve got the experience to serve your clients in the best way possible, so flaunt it.

It’s as simple as mentioning the number of years you’ve been in the industry.

California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, say it the best in their tagline, ‘Fighting for Justice since 1973.’

There’s nothing fancy about this tagline, but it serves its purpose in an excellent way.

It reminds their clients that it’s a got a solid history of helping people and that increases the level of trust and respect in their clients.

[Bonus] 7. Use a tagline generator to stir up ideas

You’ve done thorough research, decided on the kind of slogan you want, but you’re still unable to come up with a law firm tagline that embodies the essence of your law firm.

What do you do?

Use these slogan generators to come up with the perfect law firm slogan.

  1. Shopify Free Slogan Maker –
  2. Procato’s Advertising Slogan Generator –
  3. Slogan Generator –
  4. Sloganizer –
  5. PC Man’s Slogan Generator –
  6. BizCard’s Slogan Generator –

Come up with a couple of taglines and test which ones are most effective at attracting your target audience.

Ask clients, your online audience, as well as your colleagues.

And once you decide on the tagline, use it everywhere in the online world.