In this video, I’m going to show you how you can use two types of links to increase your law firm’s Google My Business ranking and your Google Maps ranking. I will also show you what will allow you to attract more leads, which will lead to more consultations, which will hopefully lead to more clients. Of course, all of this is in an effort to help you grow your business.

Two Types Of Links

Now, there are two types of links that we’re going to talk about. I’ve also got a bonus source that’s actually really powerful if you can make it work. Now, the first one is geographically relevant links. And one of the easiest ways to get these types of links is by joining local associations, your local chamber of commerce, your local bar association. Set up your local Better Business Bureau listing. If you can get links from local organizations

Type One

One of the things I like to do is to contact local youth sports organizations. And we’ll donate a couple of hundred dollars in exchange for a link from their website to your website. Now, the reason that this is important is that when Google sees that there’s a lot of websites and organizations that are all local to a specific area, Google can then detect that you’re extremely relevant for that area. If you’re located in Atlanta and you have a bunch of Atlanta organizations that are linking to you, then Google is going to see, “Okay. Well, this business is clearly extremely relevant for Atlanta.” Obviously, if you were located in Atlanta, you wouldn’t have a bunch of businesses and organizations in Miami linking to you. It just wouldn’t make sense. By doing this, by getting these geo relevant links, you can make sure that Google thinks you’re hyper-relevant for that area. That way, when someone searches Atlanta car accident lawyer or Atlanta criminal defense lawyer or Atlanta divorce lawyer, you’re much more relevant for the Atlanta part of that search. Now, one thing to note: if you do join the chamber of commerce, Better Business Bureau, or anything like that, make sure that they actually have a searchable directory that Google can crawl. Because it might be good to organizations but if they don’t actually have a directory, then it’s not going to do you any good from a Google ranking perspective.

Type Two

Now, the second type of listings and directories and links that you want to get are niche relevant. Niche relevant, first of all, on a broad scale, is mostly just a legal directory. You want to make sure you check all the big ones. You want to get your FindLaw, your Avvo, your Justia, your Martindale, all those types. And then what you want to do is you want to make sure that you get local bar associations. Now, local bar associations actually check the geotag also. But it’s really good because it’s a lot of different lawyers that are all being linked to so it makes you hyper-relevant for that. What you can also do is you join trade organizations or things that are specific to your practice area. For example, personal injury attorneys could join Million Dollar Advocates Forum where that’s basically an organization that’s linking out to a ton of different personal injury attorneys. And most of the practice areas have at least one or two of these that you can join.

Another thing: make sure that your NAP, your name, your address, and your phone number, are all identical on all of these listings. If you get all these set up properly and they all link to you, that will actually boost your Google Maps ranking quite a bit. Now,


I’ve got one bonus way that will actually supercharge your Google My Business ranking and we’ve done this many, many times. And that is to get featured on the local news websites. Now, one of the best ways to do this is to find reporters that are in your area. You can just basically go to the local affiliates, go to your local newspaper’s website, go to your local ABC, NBC, CBS affiliates, all the different news organizations that are in your area and find the reporters that are creating content where you could actually help them and you could actually provide value to them. And then what you want to do is you want to start reaching out to them and start providing value. When they write a story about something that you’re able to comment on, send them an email or tweet at them, and provide value to them and give them some additional information. Because what’s going to happen is they’re going to see you and they’re going to be like, “Okay. Here is an attorney that is making my life easier because he or she is giving me all of this great information.” This might not happen the first time and it might not happen the second time but eventually, they’re going to reach out to you for a comment. And then once they do that and you provide more value, then they’re going to keep going back to you over and over and over and over again. Anytime you can make someone’s life easier, you become valuable to them. And once you become valuable to them, that’s where this becomes valuable for you. We’ve had clients that have done this, a personal injury attorney in Miami, actually. She created content. She formed a relationship with a reporter at a local news station. And her brand gets mentioned in the news all the time, which is really important also. Even if you don’t have a link, if your brand is mentioned in these places, then that actually will help you increase your relevancy as well. But she actually gets links back to her website from the news. I think it’s an NBC affiliate. She actually gets links to her website from the NBC affiliate’s website and it’s all because she just developed a relationship and started building links. And her rankings have just completely skyrocketed, just absolutely gone through the roof. So if you get geo links, niche relevant links, and then if you can develop relationships and actually get featured on the news, you will rank higher in Google Maps. Honestly, there’s a lot more that goes into Google Maps also. I couldn’t really cover it in just this video. But there’s a lot more that you can do if you want your law firm to rank in Google Maps.

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