Video can be a powerful marketing tool, but what kind of opportunities can it create for attorneys? Keep reading – you’ll find this one example quite useful. And if you already make videos, it’s almost too easy.

If you are not already taking advantage of video, have a proven internet marketing company help you create videos and show you how to use them effectively.

How Powerful Is Video?

When Hurricane Matthew landed last year in Florida, a client of ours – a Florida personal injury attorney who additionally handles homeowners’ insurance claims – asked for advice about seeking prospective clients with insurance claims arising from the storm.

We recommended offering practical advice, and the final product was “Hurricane Matthew Insurance Claim Tips.” In the video, our client offers tips to homeowners for getting in the most advantageous position to make a successful claim.

We Googled “Hurricane Matthew insurance claim,” and Google then gave us these search phrase possibilities – “Hurricane Matthew insurance”:

1. “claim tips”
2. “claims”
3. “claims denied”
4. “claims deadline”

Thousands were entering the search phrase “Hurricane Matthew insurance claim tips.” That made it an ideal video title.

How Successful Was The Video?

Within an hour of uploading it to YouTube, the “Hurricane Matthew Insurance Claim Tips” video was a top Google result, outranking even a Fortune magazine article on the same topic.

What did we do to enhance this video’s chances of getting a top Google ranking? Using precisely the right search phrase for the title was a key choice, but there’s more.

Create Your Own Transcript – It’s Another Key To Success

At your YouTube Channel, select Video Manager. Next, click “Videos,” and then click “Subtitles & CC.” Finally, select “add new subtitles or CC” and choose English.

For “Select Method,” choose “Transcribe and auto-sync.” If you don’t, YouTube creates a transcription that is not entirely accurate.

Short videos can be transcribed in just a few minutes, because YouTube lets you listen to the audio and pauses when you type. But what’s the point of a video transcript?

An accurate transcript enters all of your important keywords, and that allows Google to read and understand your subject and your content. Google can then connect your video to the keywords and search terms consumers are using.

Don’t Wait For A Hurricane – Act Now

A video on YouTube will rise higher and more rapidly in the Google rankings than anything else you can put online. Uploading the right video is a smart move in times when more consumers seek lawyers than they typically would.

An internet marketing company can help you with YouTube videos, Google rankings, and much more.

If you have questions or comments, or if you care to share your own experiences with video and YouTube, leave them in the comment section below, and we’ll share them here with other Esteemed Lawyers of America.