One of the biggest challenges for law firms wishing to maintain a vibrant, online presence is ensuring fresh and current content that’s well-written. The first reaction might be to just do it yourself.

You know what the changes mean for any given law and you know what to stay away from when updating readers.

The problem with that is you don’t have time to churn out blog posts every few days or even on a weekly basis. The solution is to hire a writer.

Tips for Publishing a Great Law Blog

Here are a few of the tips that have served our agency well – and a few that didn’t quite work out the way we had anticipated.

It’s not a task that anyone looks forward to addressing, but it’s necessary if you’re to build a solid digital following.

There’s no shortage of sites where you can find writers; however, there’s no way to know for sure who to believe or how much of the stated CV experience is accurate.

Know Where to Look

There is a Facebook community page with writers who are vetted before being accepted into the group. The name of the community is Cult of Copy Job Board. You can get to it with a simple Facebook search.

You’ll need to be added as it’s a closed group, but there are 14k+ members, with around half of those members being established writers.

Posting a brief description of what you need is the first step you’ll want to take once you’re added to the group.

You’ll likely receive a plethora of comments from writers who are interested in the position. Our organization will typically select four, maybe five, writers. We provide an initial, paid writing gig to the few we select.

If they can provide a writing sample that follows our guidelines and is free from grammatical errors, we add them to our bank of writers.

However, if their writing samples fall short of our quality level, we simply choose to not move forward with them.

A few of the efforts we made early on that felt more like two steps back instead of one step forward included Craigslist and finding ourselves in what’s known as content mills.

Usually, these sites have very low thresholds for writers and some even require organizations to agree to a specific minimum number of articles or posts, which benefits no one.

There are great writers who are ethical and work hard to provide solid writing projects in a timely and affordable manner. The challenge is finding them.

To learn more about our marketing organization, how we select our writers and how we can help your organization, contact us today.