How can attorneys obtain new leads right away – in most cases, without even leaving your desk – with video?

Keep reading. You’ll learn a step-by-step method for getting high Google rankings for your legal videos on YouTube – and even for your old videos that haven’t had many views.

Our own internet marketing company recommends and uses this method. It works. Here’s how:

1. Buy Wirecast® for YouTube.
2. Login at YouTube and set up your YouTube channel to do live streaming.
3. Choose an existing video (or create a new one) and livestream it on YouTube.
4. Edit the video.
5. Gather the leads you receive as the video rises in the Google rankings.

Buy Wirecast® And Set Up Live Streaming

We recommend buying Telestream’s Wirecast® software at their website – it’s worth the cost – but you should at least take a walk-through using the trial version.

Here’s how our method for ranking your videos high on Google works. Install Wirecast® and go to your YouTube channel’s “Creator Studio.” Enable “Live Streaming.”

Google will automatically text or call you. Enter the six-digit code you receive, and then you’ll “Create Live Event.”

You’ll want to enter a keyword/search phrase that’s appropriate for you, and you’ll use that phrase as part of your title.

It might be “Houston Personal Injury Lawyer” or “Portland Bankruptcy Attorney” – the term you already use to describe yourself.

Use Your Video’s Title To Create Maximum Impact

Your telephone number should also be in the video’s title – so that it’s prominent on Google’s result page. When attorneys do that, they often receive leads directly from the Google page.

It’s even better if two search phrases or keywords – and your phone number – are in your title. An ideal title might be something like “Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyer – 555-515-5555 – St. Paul Auto Accident Attorney.”

After entering a title, choose your start time. Giving yourself maybe twenty or thirty minutes to finish preparing and setting up is a good idea.

For “Type,” choose “Custom.” Then choose “Advanced Settings” and “Location.”

For our example here, a lawyer would enter “Minneapolis” and “St. Paul.” Choose “English” when asked to select a language. Don’t change any other settings.

Have A Thumbnail Selected In Advance

Choose “Create Event.” You’ll be prompted to select a thumbnail. Choose the right one in advance. It’s important.

Then you’ll “Choose Maximum Sustained Bitrate of Your Encoder.” Select “Custom Injection” and “Create New Stream.”

“Naming” the stream – even though you already provided a “title” – is next. Using the name “wirecast” might be convenient for you.

Under “Maximum Sustained Bitrate That You Can Support,” choose “500 Kbps – 2000 Kbps (480 p).” Click “Save Changes,” select “Wirecast for YouTube,” and then “Save Changes” once again.

When you see “Event Successfully Saved,” go to “Live Control Room.” Now you’ll need to leave YouTube and open your Wirecast® software.

Livestreaming Video – Step-By-Step

To livestream an existing video, choose “Import Media” (under “File”), and select that video. Below “Output,” choose “Output Settings” and then “Authenticate.”

This links your software with YouTube. “Allow” the software to “manage” your account. Then choose “Stream.”

Your video will encode to YouTube. Go back now to YouTube, click “Preview,” and in thirty seconds or so, you’ll “Start Streaming” and then confirm streaming by clicking “Yes.”

Your video should play two or maybe three times. When live streaming completes, it takes maybe five more minutes for processing to complete.

Take The Time To Edit It Right

When your video streams three times, you may edit for the best possible quality. This is where you want to take some time and some care to do editing right.

But if everything else you’ve done is right – almost instantly, and even before you choose tags or add a description – the video you’ve created may already be rising in the Google rankings.

You shouldn’t be intimidated by any of this, but if you care to find out more regarding any aspect of online legal marketing, an experienced internet marketing company can help.

Please also tell us at Esteemed Lawyers of America about your own experiences with video, YouTube, and your Google rankings for those videos.

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