Tracking Leads of Lawyer Directory Sites

Here’s another question I got:

I was wondering if anyone had a good way to track leads from lawyer directory sites. Currently, I have paid premium listings on Avvo, Justia, and FindLaw, and I’m trying to get a better idea of what each is bringing in.

This one’s a little tricky because sometimes they use private numbers.

A Tracking Approach

If you have the option, what I would do is I would set up a unique telephone number for each one of these. That way, if you have telephone number A dedicated to Justia, then you know, this is how many calls I have from Justia, and this is from Yelp, and this is from FindLaw, and this is from Avvo. That’s the way I would do it.

CallRail or DialogTech

They’ll provide you reports also, but I trust my own numbers rather than trust a company that’s trying to sell me something. So that’s the best way to do it. You can do it using CallRail. I have never used CallRail, but I know you can do that.

We use a company called DialogTech for all of our clients. We give all of our client’s unique tracking numbers for certain things like social media campaigns and stuff like that. We do it all through DialogTech.

Why We Use DialogTech

I think DialogTech might be a little more expensive than CallRail. But we use DialogTech because they have some extra functionality. The reason that we use DialogTech on our clients’ websites is that we want to be able to track organic search engine optimization phone calls.

Another Thing We Do

Now, this is kind of getting in the weeds from this question, but I’m still going to tell you because it’s kind of cool. What DialogTech does is we put a piece of javascript on the website and it ties into Google analytics.
So whenever someone comes from Google to the client’s website, Google analytics tells the piece of Javascript to do a find and replace on the website. And it replaces the phone number everywhere on the website with the tracking number.

What This Allows Us to Do

This means we can see who’s calling the number on the website from organic search engine optimization. That is really cool because then we can give our client a report that says, not only did you get this traffic. But phone calls are what they care about and cases are what they care about even more.

So what we can do is we can send them a report. We’d say, Hey, here are all the phone calls you got from Organic SEO, here are all the phone numbers tracking to your new cases. And then, they can start figuring out where some of their cases came from. Now that’s something that we do for our clients.

Most companies don’t do that type of thing, but that’s the answer to the question above. It’s all about unique tracking numbers. That’s really the best way to do it. You can ask people where they saw you, but a lot of times they’ll say, Oh, I saw you on the Internet. So that’s my best answer to that.