The Top Personal Injury Lawyers In New York

New York, United States’ most populous city has many law firms, and you may find it overwhelming to know the right one to handle your crime case.

Here is a list of best personal injury lawyers in New York, based solely on ratings left by present and past clients.

The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC

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The law offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLCThe law offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC have represented personal injury victims helping them get compensated for losses and damages suffered. The law firm has been in business for over a quarter of a century representing and fighting for the rights of victims of personal injury. It understands how injuries can turn the life of a victim upside down. The success of the law offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC speaks volume; it has over and over again helped victims obtain the highest verdicts or settlements in New York, as has been reported in the New York Magazine, the National Law Journal, and the VerdictSearch’s top verdicts of 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The firm has a team consisting of highly professional legal experts including lawyers, investigators and first-class medical as well as non-medical experts to ensure handle simple and complex lawsuits. They are aware of the priority of their clients’ economic, personal and health needs during the litigation process.

The firm strives to provide the highest quality legal services to its clients with personalized attention— something that has earned them respect and brand loyalty. The law offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC was established based on the idea that the best advertisement that any law firm can get is having a satisfied client. There is no bigger compliment than having clients refer new cases to the firm and that is why their focus is to build a trusting relationship with clients. Their online reviews speak for them as well. Darren Moore endorses this lawyer and says he is the most aggressive attorney in New York. Clients are put first by the lawyer and his ability to obtain the best results for clients in personal injury cases is second to none.

Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C.

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Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C.Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. provides skilled legal service representing injury victims in New York. The law firm uses cutting-edge technology, first-rated experts, and a straightforward approach in representing its clients to the best interest thereby maximizing the value of claims. Lawyer David Perecman also serves in the board of directors and executive committee of  the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. On top of that, he lecturers other personal injury lawyers in New York City on construction accident law.

Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C.,  for the last seven years, has been recognized and awarded by The National Law Journal. The law firm has been selected to appear on the list of New York Super Lawyers eight years in a row. The firm’s commitment in fighting for the rights of its clients has been commended by many people including Hassan Shabazz, a client who says that dealing with Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. is like a family. They treat clients like they are worth something. The law firm handles lawsuits related to construction accidents, medical malpractice, workers compensation, premises liability, and car and truck accidents. On Google reviews, Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. is rated five stars by clients.

Hach & Rose

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Hach & RoseHach & Rose has distinguished itself as a top personal injury law firm in New York for its ability to achieve successful results for its clients. Founding partner Michael Rose says that when their firm is retained after an accident, they ensure that they follow two principles. One, they believe that every client deserves a law firm capable of responding immediately to their needs after an accident. Michael Rose says that they earn that trust every day. Second, the team should be aggressive as well as unrelenting to offer its services.

Chris Cline who was a client at Hach & Rose endorsed the firm in the online reviews by saying that the firm has been great from the very beginning. Cline says Michael Rose was very honest and open-hearted and willing to answer all questions. Cline says that the law firm settled his case in less than one year, something that is amazing. Cline is thankful of all the exceptional work the Hach & Rose  team put in. Hach & Rose has a rating of above four starts on Google reviews.

Ogen & Sedaghati, P.C.

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Ogen & Sedaghati, P.C.Ogen & Sedaghati, P.C is a law firm that is made up of a team of two; Eitan Ogen and Natalie Sedaghati. These have proven tough by having a track record in delivering numerous 7-figure as well as 6-figure settlements and verdicts. On top of that, they have once again had various cases they handled honored by the NYLJ. The two were again granted the award of Super Lawyers that goes to only the top 5 percent of New York’s attorneys. Both Ogen and Sedaghati have been featured in a special advertising section in NY Magazine as being News week’s top leaders in the field of personal injury.

The Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP

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The Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLPThe Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP is among the leading and top rated personal injury law firms within New York. The lawyers have constantly been representing and winning New York accident and injury claims for nearly a century. Clients are never charged for anything unless they win their case.

In their online reviews, Susanty T gives thanks for the help he got from the law firm. Sisanty says that they are extremely grateful to engage with Gary and Lorraine in their case. They were able to win the case because of the tremendous effort the team put in when in trial. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff exceeded all of their expectations. This law firm is rated five stars on Google reviews

Frekhtman & Associates

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Frekhtman & AssociatesFrekhtman & Associates is a prominent New York personal injury law firm committed to competently represent the best interests of its clients. Their attorneys strive to win the maximum possible recovery for their clients. It is a law firm that has won numerous top settlements and verdicts in New York State.

The clients served by Frekhtman & Associates appreciate the competence of the law firm as Lissa Joudi says the thing that impressed her most about the law firm is the fact that it was very extremely professional and the staff were genuinely caring. You can always seek their services as they work as a team. They always gave her rapid responses and answered to her questions or concerns via calls, emails, and meetings. Frekhtman & Associates has been give five stars rating on Google reviews.

These are the top rated personal injury law firms in New York. Through their hard work, understanding of the needs of clients, and ability to execute their mandate in fighting for the rights of victims has earned them fame. Clients have voiced the kind of experiences they have had with these firms and it is a true testimony that these law firms are dedicating their effort, energy, skill, talent, willpower, knowledge, and industry experience in helping victims of personal injury in New York.

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Disclaimer: The above-mentioned attorneys are not all members of Esteemed Lawyers of America®. Inclusion on this list is based on client reviews found on various attorney review websites.