The Top Criminal Defense Lawyers In Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a home to many criminal lawyers, so if you are facing criminal charges or crime offenses, your options are not limited. Below is the list of best criminal defense attorneys in Philadelphia. These results are based entirely on reviews left by clients and are completely unbiased.

Fairlie and Lippy P.C.

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Fairlie and Lippy P.C.Fairlie and Lippy P.C. was established 62 years ago with exceptionally experienced attorneys to carefully prepare your case and represent you in the legal process so as to help you in hearings and trials. Fairlie and Lippy P.C. have achieved victory in an immense range of cases in the Philadelphia area. Their field of practice involves accelerated rehabilitative disposition, drug charges, DUI, expungements, felonies, homicide & assault, juvenile court, Miranda rights, misdemeanors, car accidents, catastrophic injuries, drunken driving accidents, knee injuries, and negligence accident.

The firm has been recognized with awards like Pennsylvania Super Lawyers in criminal defense cases and personal injury. It was also awarded the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys Top 10 Attorney Award.

Clayton Sherwood, a client of Mr. Steven Fairlie, appreciates him for representing his family in his expertise through the whole legal process and achieving justice. He says he would recommend Steven to anyone in need of a criminal attorney. The firm rates five stars in Google reviews.

The Zeiger Firm

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The Zeiger FirmThe Zeiger Firm was founded in 2005 by Brian Zeiger and since then the law firm has been serving its clients tirelessly. It is among the recognized criminal defense law firms in Philadelphia. Their aim is to administer excellent quality legitimate representation in a personalized disposition.

Mr. Zeiger handles cases such as assault, domestic violence, bail reductions, appeals, child pornography, driving under the influence, online solicitation, pardons, vehicular homicide, sentencing challenges, homicide, murder, gun possession, police brutality and more.

The firm rates 10.0 in Avvo ratings and is among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the state. On Google reviews, it rates five stars.

A client of the law firm says that the attorney is always ready and keeps time. His work is impressive and always available to help his clients.

Ciccarelli Law Offices

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Ciccarelli Law OfficesCiccarelli Law Offices based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, it was established by attorney Lee Ciccarelli and strives to serve clients with high-quality legal services. They represent clients in criminal and civil cases such as drug crimes, drunk driving, assault, and burglary. The firm also deals with personal injury and family law including divorce, custody, and adoption.

Ciccarelli Law Offices pride themselves as Mainline Today Top Lawyer in personal injury, and Lee himself as a Top Criminal Defense Lawyer. He also rates 10.0 in Avvo rating which is admirable. The law firm is also rated 4.6 out of 5 stars in Google reviews.

The firm’s clients believe in their competence and dedication in winning cases, arguments, and motions. They keep their clients updated on things happening and progresses they make during court sessions, and they also appreciate the good work they are doing.

The Law Offices of Mark D. Copoulos

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The Law Offices of Mark D. CopoulosThe Law Offices of Mark D. Copoulos is result driven and effective in providing their clients with excellent representation in criminal defense at a fair price. It was founded by Mark D. Copoulos. Mr. Copoulos has handled many cases over the years related to crime and real estate within Philadelphia.

The law firm is dedicated to criminal cases such as assault, drug crimes, violent offenses, theft, driving or traffic, family, and disorderly conduct. It also deals with landlord issues such as notice to vacate and complaints. The firm rates 10.0 on Avvo Ratings as Top attorney criminal defense and on Google reviews, it rates five stars.

Moreover, their clients are contented and appreciative of their aggressiveness in defense and positive results.

The Hughes Firm

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The Hughes FirmThe Hughes Firm is one of the prestigious criminal defense law firms in the USA with Evan Hughes known as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the USA. They strive to fight for their clients’ freedom and rights in criminal and civil court. Mr. Hughes and his associate, Mr.  Goldstein, have a wide range of experience in handling cases like armed robbery, murder, manslaughter, blackmailing, police corruption, kidnapping and drug crimes. They also deal with cases regarding personal injury and civil rights.

Zak has won an award for his criminal defense efforts and is rated as a Top Attorney in criminal defense, and has a “Superb” Avvo rating. Evan also has received honors and accolades organizations like Avvo Rating and Super Lawyers.

The Hughes Firm rates five stars on Google reviews. According to their client, Vildrophe Payen they are friendly and professional lawyers doing a remarkable work in criminal defense and would recommend them to anyone who needs help. They have a large number of clients who rely on them entirely.

Krasner & Long, LLC

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Krasner & Long, LLCKrasner & Long, LLC has a wealth of experience in handling criminal offenses. It is well known in the USA for handling criminal defense and police brutality cases. Krasner and Long, LLC deals with cases on criminal defense and police brutality, assaults and battery, federal crimes, fraud and theft, forgery, robbery, internet based crimes, drug crime, DUI defense, appeals and post-convictions, homicide, arraignment, sexual offenders, criminal appeals and many others.

Lawrence Krasner was the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Philadelphia from 1991 to 1993 and has awards and recognition for his defense of protestors. His associates Lloyd Long, Eric Scott Donato, and Liam Riley are also recognized for their passion in fighting for their clients. They rate 10.0 in Avvo rating and are recognized by Super Lawyers. They are among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the state.

On Google reviews, the firm rates five stars. The firm’s clients believe in their smartness and experience to get them through their cases as they work with them tirelessly to achieve justice. They are trusted in every step they take with their clients in their various cases.

Whenever you find yourself entangled in a criminal case, you may feel overwhelmed with the choice of crime attorneys available in Philadelphia. However, this list shows the top rated attorneys who can assist you with your criminal case.

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Disclaimer: The above-mentioned attorneys are not all members of Esteemed Lawyers of America®. Inclusion on this list is based on client reviews found on various attorney review websites.