Too many law firms are doing their social media marketing all wrong.

They create a Facebook post that links to a blog post. That’s it. If this is what you’re doing, then you need to stop!

Try this strategy instead. It’s the same one that I use for my own social media to grow my following. Let me just say, it really works!

Get A Social Following

I like to refer to this method as a machine. It runs like clockwork once you have your system set up.

All I do is publish one piece of content each day and hand it over to my team. It takes about five minutes a day, and my team handles the rest.

The first step in this system is gaining a following to promote your content to. Just follow the steps below and you’ll get more engagement than you ever could by posting your blog on Facebook!

1. Create some content. For example, personal injury attorneys could make a list of everything someone needs to file a claim with their insurance company.

2. Post a single ad on Facebook for your piece of content.

3. Have the ad drive traffic to your landing page. The landing page needs to give people the option of downloading the content if they give their email address.

4. Once they go to download the content, they should be taken to a confirmation page that asks them to join your Facebook group. Most of the time, people will join your group when asked!

5. If they don’t request to join the group, don’t worry! You can set up a Facebook pixel that will continue to run different ads to the group that didn’t join.

Promote Your Content To Your Followers

When you have the followers, you can start pushing your daily content. What I like to do is create a short video each day. I give marketing advice to attorneys, so I constantly record tips and tips for my followers.

When I create my video, I forward it to my marketing team. They use that single piece of content and send it to all of our social channels.

It gets pushed on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The team will even make a blog or article for it and optimize it for SEO.

This content goes to all of my Facebook group members and email subscribers. It’s the perfect way to stretch a single piece of content and make your social media strategy work for you!

Get A Custom Social Media Strategy For Your Firm

If you want to know more about this strategy, then we should talk! I’ll set you up with a custom strategy for your law firm and show you exactly how it can help you.