Social media is a great way to market your business. It doesn’t matter what type of work you do, this method for getting clients through Facebook works!

This method is how I got my marketing business started, and I use it to help lawyers get clients.

Make A Facebook Group For Your Target Market

The key to gaining clients through Facebook is creating a Facebook group, not just a business page. You should make a Facebook group that provides value to your target client.

Let’s say that you’re an Orange County family law firm. Your Facebook page might be Smith Law Firm, but this should never be the name of your group.

The Facebook group you create should be on a topic that is relevant to your firm and provides value to the audience. For example, the group could be called Ask an Orange County Divorce Lawyer.

Create An eBook To Give Away

The next step is writing an eBook that your future clients will want to read. What do they want to know?

You can find out by asking your past and existing clients what their number one question was before they came to you.

One of the most important elements of an eBook is an enticing headline. I’ve discovered that the best titles follow this simple formula:

Proven eBook Headline Formula:
How to [thing they want] without [thing they fear the most]

Using this headline template, a divorce attorney might write an eBook titled “How to Get Divorce Quick & Cheap without Losing Custody”.

Make A Landing Page To Promote The eBook

When you have the eBook ready, you can create a landing page to promote it. We have a free template you can use through Clickfunnels to make a high-converting landing page. It’s the exact one we use for our clients.

Run Facebook Ads To Get People To Join Your Group

The final step in this method is getting people to actually see your landing page. Running Facebook ads is a cost-effective way to drive people to your landing page. Once they sign up for the ebook, you email them the link to download the ebook.

Tell the person exactly what to do next. Tell them their next step is to join the Facebook group. In my experience, almost everyone that downloads the ebook will join the group!

If you need help running Facebook ads, then contact me. I have a guide that can get you started.

Converting Clients From Your Facebook Group

You should know that you don’t need a huge following to get clients from your Facebook group.

No matter the size of the group, the key is to consistently publish content that teaches and provides value.

Running a Facebook group will establish you as the authority. People will come to you with their questions.

They will come to trust you and value your opinions, which means that later on down the road they will likely hire you when they need your services.

For a more detailed guide to this using this method, you can try my Master Class for just $37. It’s packed with valuable tips to help you make the most of your social media marketing!