Chase Musser: Do you recommend using a company like BirdEye to capture all of your reviews, as well as to reach out to clients for reviews? Or is this something I could do myself or in-house?

Andy Stickel: Well, this is a loaded question. I am currently starting a company called Review Judge which in my expert opinion is definitely better than BirdEye. Actually, I did an entire presentation a couple of weeks ago and it was an hour-long just about how to get reviews. And getting reviews is a pretty in-depth process. But Review Judge is not going to be available, probably, for a couple of months. I don’t know. If you really want to be in the beta, we can probably squeeze you into the beta. But, yeah, you definitely need something that’s basically going to follow up. Because, really, I mean, it’s like everything else. Getting a review is no different than marketing anything else. You have to follow up. You ask somebody for a review and they say, “Yeah. I’ll do it” and then they get home and the kids are screaming and work calls and life gets in the way and all that type of stuff and then they just forget to do it. So most of the time, it just stops there. But if you follow up with them and keep following up with them and somehow incentivize them, then it will actually work better. There’s always the ethical line of incentivizing people where I don’t think it’s morally unethical. But ethically, in terms of the Bar Association, it could be. So what you can do is incentivize someone on your staff to follow up and get reviews. So tell somebody, tell your assistant you’ll give him $50 for every single review that comes in and that’ll motivate them to do it. And those reviews are well worth more than $50 apiece, for sure.