If your law firm is using a mailbox store address or a virtual office, then your rank in Google could be hurting.

This is because Google favors businesses with actual physical locations. This includes law firms.

Virtual offices offer flexibility and cost savings that are hard to beat. They allow teams to work together from all over the world and offer the comfort of working from your own home.

It’s no surprise that the number of virtual offices and mailbox store addresses are only continuing to grow.

This type of office works great for some law firms. Sadly, Google doesn’t like it and will lower your search rankings in favor of someone with a real physical address.

It is not out of the realm of possibility to rank your firm if you have a mailbox store address, but it’s definitely not easy. It can be next to impossible in some cases.

Here’s What You Need To Do If You Have A Virtual Office

Fortunately, there is something you can do to boost your rank. For a couple of months, you can rent an executive suite.

This gives you an actual office space at a lower cost than renting a whole office building.

Your entire team doesn’t need to work in the office space, but you should be able to prove that the location is a real work area.

Google is checking this. We had a client that had to do a Facetime video with Google recently to confirm the location of his office.

Google is taking verification of physical addresses seriously and even uses third parties to confirm it.

If you can afford to rent an executive suite, then I suggest staying away from Regis. Too many people rent from this company.

This means that you might not see the benefits of using a real, physical address if the competition is saturated with Regis rental executive suites.

You can do a Google search to find a reputable executive suite rental in your desired location.

If you need any pointers or tips for finding an executive suite and making this method work for your law firm, then feel free to reach out.

I’m always happy to help attorneys with their search rank and marketing problems.

Get Serious About Your Search Rank

Renting an executive suite might not be a viable option for your law firm right now. The timing might not be right, or you simply don’t have the funds. That’s okay.

It’s important to keep this tip in mind, though. If you’re serious about your Google ranking and getting new clients, then you eventually should get a physical address.