Video Transcription:

So I talk to a lot of lawyers a lot about creating content on a regular basis and creating content on a regular basis, creating content daily is the absolute best marketing strategy that I have ever had for myself. I’ve gotten so much out of creating content every single day, just pull out my phone, recording a video and talking to it. I mean it’s better than any form of marketing I’ve ever done, and the best part is it’s free.

So, one of the biggest complaints that I get from a lot of attorneys or maybe not complaints, maybe biggest fears is they say, I don’t have time to do this, I don’t have time to take five minutes a day, I’m so busy, I can’t pull out my phone, I can’t record, I can’t do anything like that and here is my argument to that.

I am sitting in my car right now, I have a cell phone holder, and I am recording a video. Most attorneys have time driving to the office, driving to the courthouse, driving to wherever, and you’ve got nothing but time, you’re probably listening to the radio, you’re maybe listening to talk radio, some people listen to podcasts, eBooks, things like that.

Take five minutes, pull out your phone, get a cell phone holder, I’m not saying do this while you’re, I mean you can do it while you’re driving, I’m not saying do it unsafely. If you notice I’m not even looking at the camera, I’m just talking, just like if I was talking to somebody next to me, but you can create content like this.

You can get a cell phone holder, I got this cell phone holder on Amazon, it clips on to the air vent. I’m sitting so I can look at the camera a little bit. It clips on to the air vent, it holds my cell phone, and I just use the forward-facing camera, I hit record, and I just start talking. I don’t drive that often because I work from home, but there’s a lot of people that do, and you know, how long you in the car for? You’re in the car for 10, 15, 20 minutes, every day you’re in the car, pull out your phone and create a video and just talk about something, you know, talk about what happened, something interesting that happened that day. Talk about, you know, something interesting case that you’re working on, talk about something that you’re reading about.

You know, just anything that’s going to provide value and then use that content and use it to promote your law firm and it works and you know, the excuse I have no time, it’s an excuse, it’s not reality. So, you know, just, there’s time to do it, if you make time and you don’t even need to make time you can do it while you’re multitasking, you can do it while you’re driving. So, quick PSA, talk to you guys soon, thanks.