In 2010, someone published “11 Reasons Why Your Business Should NOT Advertise with Yellow Pages.”

And you need only one reason not to advertise in the telephone directory. It wastes your money. Completely.

No internet marketing agency needs to tell anyone that online marketing is now the way legal services are marketed. That’s not going to change.

And phone books – like cassette tapes and rotary telephones – are not going to rise from the dead, either.


We tell you about this since the topic was thrown our way – literally – a couple of weeks ago.

I saw somebody throw something from a slow-moving van in the general direction of our mailbox.

I walked out to recover the object, and my hunch was right. It was a telephone directory.

A lawyer was advertising on the front page.

This was bad. I almost cringed. The lawyer committed drive-by marketing.

Millions of people my age – as well as millions of people your age – have a special spot for phone directories. They go in the dumpster.


Nobody in 2018 uses a phone book to find a lawyer. It’s bulky, heavy, and hard to read. Over time, it turns into clutter.

In 2018, anyone looking for an attorney goes online and usually considers several lawyers before making a selection.

Telephone books are no longer necessary. We throw them out, and frankly, if you advertise in a phone book, you’re throwing your cash out too.

Telephone directories are strictly local, but your online website reaches the world. You can’t change your ad in the phone book for at least a year. You can change your website at any time.


In 2018, the expense of telephone directory advertising is outrageous. Its value is zilch. You get no ROI.

It’s more than a waste of your money – just buying phone book advertising wastes your time.

We don’t go to drive-in movies in 2018. We don’t require an operator to place a long-distance call for us. And we don’t store telephone numbers in telephone books.

Now, if we could just do something about drive-by marketing…


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If you’d care to tell us about your own experiences with phone book ads – or with flying phone books – leave something in the comment space below, and we’ll share it.

But whether or not you contact us, this is important. Please don’t waste one more cent on telephone directory advertising that’s going directly into the dumpster.