Lawyers often tell us that the reason they don’t engage in legal marketing is because they don’t have enough time or money. This is a common excuse, but it’s not a valid one.

Whenever we hear someone say they simply don’t have the time or money to commit to marketing, we tell them Renee’s story of going from sleeping on a friend’s couch to making six figures in six months.

Renee’s Humble Roots

Renee is one of our colleagues who graduated from law school in 2013. After struggling to find a job, Renee decided to start her own practice even though she did not know how to run a law firm.

All she knew is that she wanted to represent online entrepreneurs, so she began to learn more about her target audience.

She quickly realized that the best place to reach prospective clients was through Facebook, since there were countless private groups full of online entrepreneurs.

Renee identified the most active Facebook groups for online entrepreneurs and joined them so she could connect to prospective clients. Instead of promoting her legal services in the group, she began engaging in conversation with many of the members.

She answered legal questions, offered her advice, and quickly became known as the legal expert within these groups. She also started to post content that she believed the groups’ members would find relevant.

Members of the group even started to come to her with their legal troubles. Before long, she was able to sign approximately 20 clients all because of her involvement within these Facebook groups.

How Did Renee Grow Her Business?

Renee managed to build her law practice from the ground up in six months—and it cost her nothing. She didn’t spend any money on marketing her practice, but she did commit a lot of her time in the beginning.

To become seen as a legal expert, Renee spent about two hours preparing content, finding Facebook groups, and talking to members.

Now that she has established herself as a legal authority, she only spends around ten minutes on these tasks every day.

It certainly wasn’t easy for Renee to go from making nothing to making six figures in six months.

But, this story shows that it is possible to reach your goals even if you don’t have a lot of time or money to commit to legal online marketing.

Renee is living proof that hard work and innovative ideas are more important than massive marketing budgets.