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  1. 5.0

    Douglas has a unique ability to make you feel like you’ve known him for much longer than you actually have. An attorney deals with people’s most sensitive subjects, I have to know they are on my side. From day one there has never been a doubt. Congrats on the award! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. 5.0

    During a real stressful time in my life, Douglas listened to me. Once he listened to me, he gave me the peace of mind I needed to continue my life.

    Douglas’ legal assistance in my personal matters was streamlined and professional. I cannot thank Douglas enough for his assistance. His demeanor and work ethic was demonstrated in all of my contacts with Douglas.

    Douglas must be recognized as a professional, accountable, and dependable lawyer. For those of you reading this, you MUST consider Douglas to be your lawyer. I am truly blessed and thankful to know someone like Douglas and I hope he continues to assist those of us in need of legal assistance during dark times.

    Thank you Douglas!

  3. 5.0

    What an incredible attorney, he is very attentive to his clients needs, very understanding, calm and reliable. I highly recommend Mr. Borthwick. He is very dedicated and professional. I can’t thank you enough Doug for all your help.

  4. 5.0

    Attorney Borthwick is highly recommended. He has excellent credentials, very knowledgeable, professional and has a very happy and satisfied clientele which show the exceptional service and value he provides. He has his clients’ interests first and foremost.

  5. 5.0

    Douglas is a great and an intelligent attorney, he is incredibly knowledge on the law and you can trust him. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking help with their legal matters. Mr. Borthwick is professionalism and integrity and knows how to solve problems. Absolutely, he deserves a 5 star rating of his excellent service.

  6. 5.0

    Doug is a man of honor; a man whose good deeds are only surpassed by his sincere concern for his fellow man. Doug is the kind of person who is truly fulfilling his calling as an attorney; he is dependable, ethical and compassionate. These are the best and most important qualities anyone could ever ask for in an attorney.

    I am thankful to know him!

  7. 5.0

    Doug is an excellent attorney. He has a wealth of experience in many areas of law so I know that I can go to him for great legal representation anytime we have a problem. I wish I could give him six stars. He deserves it for all that he has done for us.

  8. 5.0

    Douglas is AWESOME! Not only is he knowledgeable, he is kind, patient, and great at what he does! I recommend him to anyone who needs professional legal services. His attitude is very positive and upbeat… this is not just a job for him… this is his passion… and calling.

  9. 5.0

    Douglas M. Borthwick Is very professional. He is great at what he does, and I highly recommend his services, very exceptional.

  10. 5.0

    Being a legal nurse consultant myself I was fortunate enough to work with Mr. Douglas. He is professional, passionate and dedicated to work. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

  11. 5.0

    Being a legal nurse consultant myself I was fortunate enough to work with Mr. Douglas. If you are looking for an attorney who knows what he is doing with utmost dedication and professionalism Mr. Douglas is your man.

  12. 5.0

    Douglas is a true professional who knows law and cares for his clients. Ready, knowledgeable and always willing to offer his best advice and services with the client’s best interest in mind. I recommend him highly!

  13. 5.0

    I worked in many courts through out the United States ; met many many attorneys and had the privilege to know some on a personal level and they became close friends. However; when it comes to the legal profession; few traits may make the attorney stand out and become memorable and Leave his imprints in the Legal profession. Douglas sure have them all, intelligence, practical, humble and works outside the book. These traits make the esteemed lawyer and Douglas proved to be one of the best.

  14. 5.0

    Douglas is a very decent attorney and up to date and very knowledgable in international laws. I have worked with him on several cross boarder transactions
    I highly recommend Douglas to others who seek legal advise.

  15. 5.0

    I am pleased to have met Attorney Douglas Borthwick. He is of the highest esteem when it comes to the word brilliant professionalism and is a kind sole.
    This shows in his daily work dedication to his clients and respect from his pears of equal professionalism. I would recommend him as the attorney to go to when a job has to be done with the knowledge you choose the correct attorney.

  16. 5.0

    You’ve heard of bed-side doctors? How about chair-side attorneys? Well, if you need a good advocate, a good representative, someone who will fight for you to the end, that’s Douglas Borthwick. Contact him and chat a while, you will be convinced he is the attorney for you.

  17. 5.0

    Douglas is a true professional. He does a great job with the client in mind. He is a tremedous help and an expert in his field!

  18. 5.0

    Excellent and very knowledgeable attorney. Highly recommend.

  19. 5.0

    Douglas works well under pressure. Recommend.

  20. 5.0

    Douglas is a great communicator!

  21. 5.0

    Mr. Brothwick procures an exceeding amount of passion and dedication as an attorney. He executes quailty professionalim in his work delivery and will render top-level legal services. I highly recommend Mr. Brothwick to oversee any legal matter; you will not be disappointed.

  22. 5.0

    Attorney Douglass Borthwick has a great attention to detail ,approachable manner and is marvelous resource.

  23. 5.0

    I met Doug on LinkedIn and from the moment we connected he was spot on with communication – integrity and honor. If you are looking for someone that will get back to you and follow up without leaving you hanging and with unknowns .. Doug is the attorney for you.

  24. 5.0

    Great attorney goes the extra mile. Highly recommend.

  25. 5.0

    Attorney Borthwick is amazing! Great in his field!

  26. 5.0

    Douglas Borthwick Has A Very Personal, Appropriate And Professional Approach. I Most Certainly Would Entrust My Legal Affairs To Douglas!

  27. 5.0

    I found Douglas to be professional and would highly recommend his service. His experience and commitment is outstanding. Five stars for me.

  28. 5.0


  29. 5.0

    Douglas is and excellent attorney. He is extremely detail oriented and has communicated well with us during our case. I would recommend his services to anyone….


  30. 5.0

    Douglas, is a very intelligent lawyer, he’s on top of everything and knows how to solve problems. I highly recommend him to anybody.

  31. 5.0

    Douglas is excellent. He is very friendly and has your best interest at heart.

  32. 5.0

    Douglas represents his clients in a professional and competent manner. He is easy to work with, aggressive and a man of his word.

  33. 5.0

    Very good exletience. Refressing to have a down to earth lawyer who is honest, smart, and aggressive.

  34. 5.0

    As Vice President of my Officer’s Union, I’ve had to deal with many attorneys and officials. Mister D. Borthwick by far has been the most impressive one, I’ve met so far. What setts him apart from other attorneys is his ability to relate to his clients and to paint a picture for the courts that falls favorably on his clients. On business matters he is highly efficient and accurate. Being former military, I can appreciate his skills. I highly recommend him to anyone that seeks the best. Sincerely C. Addison

  35. 5.0

    Douglas is an experienced, intelligent, and upstanding attorney who has a wealth of practical knowledge and is able to offer excellent advice and counsel on a variety of matters. He is able to analyze legal issues in a straightforward and helpful manner and provide outstanding representation to his clients.

  36. 5.0

    I know Mr. Borthwick and know some of his associates very well. I speak very highly of Douglas. His associates speak very highly of Mr. Borthwick. To my knowledge, Mr. Borthwick’s clients speak very highly of him.

    Mr. Borthwick is genuine and trustworthy, and does great work.

    I like Douglas and I know I am dealing with a straight shooter who is smart and honest. He loves people and loves to see people succeed! What else can you ask for?

  37. 5.0

    I have known Doug for 15 years would highly recommend him as an attorney to help you with your case.

  38. 5.0

    Douglas is a caring professional who gives his clients a lot of personal attention, a very rare quality nowadays. He is very effective in giving them the outcome they desire for a very reasonable fee. He even does house calls if his clients need it!
    He is excellent in what he does and loves helping people.
    I highly recommend Douglas Borthwick Esq.!

  39. 5.0

    Douglas is a special person. Good in every way.

  40. 5.0

    Douglas is a good lawyer and well regarded in the profession.

  41. 5.0

    Helpful, informative, energetic, passionate, gets the job done, and then some. Looking forward to building a solid business and network with Mr. Borthwick.

  42. 5.0

    Good man. Thoughtful. Family man. Godly man. Tough-minded. Sharp and clever. Honest. Great life history. Great lawyer.

    An honor and privilege to know him. An honor and privilege to have his legal counsel and representation.

  43. 5.0

    Douglas is a talented lawyer and a man pure of heart. Highly recommend!

  44. 5.0

    Mr.Douglas Borthwick,
    I am thankful I met and look forward to doing more business with you .Thank you

  45. 5.0

    Mr. Borthwick is a very intelligent and respected attorney. He is well respected by the Judges in the court system as well as fellow attorneys and paralegals. He takes his clients very seriously and gets the job done. There is no one I would rather have on my side if I ever needed legal help in California. As a paralegal, if I lived in California, I would hope to be fortunate enough to work for an attorney like him. Definitely a 5 Star attorney.

  46. 5.0

    Douglas is professional and very helpful!

  47. 5.0

    Mr. Borthwick has been the attorney for my business for over 10 years. He is prompt, efficient and he solves my legal issues. He is a good lawyer who I consider one of the best. I trust him and rely on him. Douglas has served me and my business well and I can always count on him to be there for me.

    I rate Mr. Borthwick as Excellent in every category!!

  48. 5.0

    I looked to Yelp to help find a bankruptcy attorney. I don’t know what it was, but something drew me to Paul’s office. I was lost, intimidated, and scared for what I was facing. Paul was EXTREMELY kind to me and made the process of filing Chapter 7 really easy. He came to court with me for the 341 meeting, and helped break the process down. I can’t say enough about Paul and his staff they were great!
    Trust me, go with Borthwick Lawyers you won’t be sorry.

  49. 5.0

    Finding an attorney is easy, but finding an attorney as accomplished and revered as Douglas is altogether different. His achievements and accolades are some of the most respected within the legal community and highly sought after by many of his peers. You would be making a very sound decision in choosing Douglas to advocate for you.

  50. 5.0

    I am impressed with Mr. Borthwick’s intellect, compassion, humanity, and shrewdness. I will never forget how he helped me through a tough time in my life.

  51. 5.0

    Doug Borthwick is a Top Guy….Professional, Honest, Trustworthy, Dependable and has one of the highest levels of Integrity I know of!
    I have known Doug for many years, starting when I managed the Homeowner’s Association he was President of. His focus was always for the benefit of the Association, and I know this carries over to his clients. I can without any reservations, recommend Doug Borthwick for any legal services you might need, and I also value him as a friend.

  52. 5.0

    Doug is a colleague who works in the same building as me. I’ve gotten to know Doug a little over the past few months and have used him to appear for me with a client at a deposition. He did a great job on short notice, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again for other matters if the need arises.

  53. 5.0

    I’ve not used Doug’s services, yet I know he is a reasonable person, listens, observes, then advices. We ran in a community board, he was president, and focused on results that benefit the community and not one person, which can happen when the wrong board runs the association.

    I will give Doug a chance when the time comes.

  54. 5.0

    I have known
    Douglas for many years . He has helped me in many legal situations . He is excellent !! I highly recommend him !

  55. 5.0

    I have had the opportunity to work with Doug on and off over the past several years. He has a friendly demeanor, is punctual for his appointments and takes the time to listen to his clients. I have enjoyed my association with Doug and can recommend his services.

  56. 5.0

    I have known Doug for over a quarter of a century. he first worked for my law firm in Orange County providing excellent representation on a number of matters. Since then he has grown in his practice taking on larger and more complicated cases and representing a wider range of client needs. Doug is both knowledgeable and client-friendly. You can trust his judgement.

  57. 5.0

    Douglas Borthwick is a top AV Rated attorney. He gives solid advice and is supportive. He is responsive and doesn’t leave you hanging. I highly recommend him for any legal services you may need.

  58. 5.0

    Mr. Borthwick is a skilled litigator and is recognized in the legal community for his professionalism. He will skillfully and strategically handle your legal matter and will strongly advocate for your interests. Mr. Borthwick is an effective communicator, and will keep your mind at ease through the harrowing path of litigation. I would recommend him to anyone seeking the most effective counsel.

  59. 5.0

    I have known Doug for 22 years. I first met him when he was waiting for his bar exam results when I had office space in the building where he worked in Santa Ana. We spent lots of time with Doug and his associates while I had my office there. Over the years, I observed Doug’s progress from a new admittee to a proficient, experienced attorney. He is hardworking and thorough. I highly recommend him as a fellow lawyer. I recall that at one time he was admitted to practice in several other states besides California.

  60. 5.0

    Beautiful person. Talented lawyer. Honest.

  61. 5.0

    Mr. Bortwick helped represent our firm in a litigation suit and helped us through the examination process. He is very easy going with the client and establishes trust almost immediately. We can highly recommend Doug and his services. He has his clients interests first and foremost.

  62. 5.0

    As a colleague and friend for more than 30 years. I can attest that Doug is a dependable, resourceful and capable attorney. Doug maintains the highest levels of integrity and advocacy toward his clients.

  63. 5.0

    I have known Doug for over 25 years now. He is honest and very hard working. He has performed corporate work for my firm and he is always responsive, and quick to execute. His fees are very reasonable. It is a pleasure dealing with Doug and I certainly recommend him to others.

  64. 5.0

    Douglas is an upstanding individual who has shown his genuine care and understanding as I’ve talked with him. Mr. Borthwick maintains a high level of professionalism. He’s certainly one I would consider a trustworthy person and who values confidentiality.

  65. 5.0

    Mr. Borthwick is great at answering any of your questions quickly and honestly. He is a very down to earth attorney. Those are hard to come by!

  66. 5.0

    I’ve known Douglas in the legal field. He has appeared and worked on Family Law Cases from different counties. He has had very good outcomes at the hearings. He is a great peoples person and is very attentive to his clients.

  67. 5.0

    I have known Douglas Borthwick for over 5 years now, He has keen insight into the realm of state and federal law I have never imagined, He is constantly going more and beyond for his client, I highly recommend him.

  68. 5.0

    Douglas has been very helpful to me and my family with our legal matters. We find him to be very knowledgeable and reliable, and would surely recommend him to others.

  69. 5.0

    I was unfortunately involved in a civil case, worried and depressed, and have been searching for legal advice from various attorney offices in both L.A. and O.C. counties. When I first met Doug at his private practice in Santa Ana, I felt completely at ease. He was realistic and unassuming. His warm personal demeanor and his general approach suggest he could find a way out of future stumbling blocks. He made no promises; only suggestions of how he would go about with my case and how he would approach the judges. His discussing different options, modifying the strategy as I told him about my case told me he does not make decisions alone. He welcomes an active client who asks a lot of questions. Long story short, I learned over time that Doug is not only a skillful lawyer with knowledge and professionalism, but he is also a wonderful person who cares about his clients. His strategies thus far have been clear, concise, and on point. If you are ever in need of a legal advice, Doug is a highly skilled, honest, and trustworthy person who will put you at ease.

  70. 5.0

    Mr. Borthwick possesses a keen legal mind and a breadth of experience that has allowed him to consistently achieve strong results for his clients. I have known Mr. Borthwick to be an artful communicator. He has successfully settled difficult cases through strategic negotiation and motion practice. Additionally, Mr. Borthwick is very hard working and diligent. Mr. Borthwick has always met critical deadlines and produced high quality work. Not only do I hold Mr. Borthwick in high regard for his exceptional legal skills, but I also hold him in high respect for his personal and professional integrity. Mr. Borthwick has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

  71. 5.0

    If you are looking for and outstanding attorney consider Attorney Douglas Borthwick. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He explains everything that a client needs to know and returns calls and emails in a timely manner. Therefore he makes us feel very comfortable and at ease. He came highly recommended to us by dear friends; moreover, we too will refer attorney Borthwick to our family members and friends.

  72. 5.0

    Douglas has been my attorney for several years and he has never let me down. I refer him to others and he gets rave reviews. I am proud to know him and have him as my attorney. He has my trust and confidence.

    You will like Mr. Borthwick and find him to be bright, focused, and honest. He is a consummate professional!

  73. 5.0

    Attorney Borthwick is amazing! Helped me with out my legal situation and made me feel comfortable through out the entire process. Always answering every question I had.

  74. 5.0

    I’ve know Douglas in the legal field for more than i can remember. But one clear thing i do know for sure is his dedication to excellence. His professionalism and integrity is well known by his clients, peers, and co-workers. Love his work and genuinely has compassion for people. I highly recommend this attorney!

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