Video Transcription:

Hey everybody, Andy Stickel here. Hope you all had a good weekend. You know, over the weekend I saw an ad for somebody, it’s a person who actually does financial advising or wealth management or something like that, and she runs these infomercials every Sunday, and the reason I wanted to show you guys this ad is because I think she does a really good job.

I think her performance is actually, every time I see the ad, her performance kind of bothers me because it’s really obvious that she’s reading, but what she does really well and I’m sure that she has a ton of success about this, with this because I see her every Sunday.

Basically, what she does in all of her ads is she does not say anything about herself, all she does is talks about what people are going to get out of working with her. So, she offers these free dinners or lunches or whatever it is at Ruth Chris Steakhouse and basically she says when you come to this thing, you’re going to get this, and you’re going to get this, and you’re going to get this, and you’re going to get this, and you’re going to get this, and the reason this works so well is because she’s playing into psychology.

People only care about themselves, no offense, people do not care about you. They only care about what you can do for them. About how hiring you benefits them, that’s why she doesn’t say in her ad anywhere oh, I’ve been a financial planner for 25 years and I’ve got this award, and I’ve got this award, and I’ve got this award. She doesn’t say any of that. All she does is she says here’s what we were going to get out of coming to this thing, and clearly, it’s stuff that she’s done her research, and it’s stuff that all people, you know that she knows that her target audience wants.

So here’s the ad take a look at it, let me know what you think, and see how you can apply this to your business where instead of talking about yourself, if you lead with the benefits and what people are going to get out of working with you, I think you’ll have a lot of success, let me know what you think.

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