As I’m sitting here in my hot tub looking at my neighborhood and my pool, I’m reflecting on what I’ve accomplished and the reasons that I have all of this. It is not because I focused on myself, and I think this is an important lesson for a lot of people to understand.

I try to give as much value to my clients as possible. I’ve got about 45 clients, and I work my butt off to make sure that every one of them gets clients, good results, is happy, and understands what’s happening with their marketing campaigns. The reason why I get good results is simply that I’m obsessed with getting good results for my clients.

What Do I Do When My Clients Don’t Get The Results They Desire?

There are times when I’ve had clients that have not gotten good results. This is because the reality behind SEO is that you can do all the right things and you’ll get 45 different results for 45 different websites even if you do the exact same campaign for all of them.

It’s a very strange occurrence, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. In those instances when it just doesn’t work, we’ve actually paid out of our pocket for Adwords, Facebook advertising, and more for our clients because we want to make sure that they get good results.

In the end, I’m really interested in helping people because I know that if I help people, then it’s going to come back to me 10 fold. I don’t know if that’s selfish but if anyone asks me what’s the key to success in terms of how did I get successful and how was I able to have a really nice life, a really nice house, and the ability to take off Fridays if I want to, the answer is that I provided value for other people.

I basically stopped worrying about myself and started only helping other people. My actions speak pretty loud with what I do for my clients, and now what I’m also doing is providing value through my Facebook group, my emails. etc.  Every day I try to release another video that has some actionable content that tells you exactly what my audience wants to hear.

How Can Providing Value Help You Be Successful?

If you provide value to everybody around you, then you’ll get everything you want. There’s a quote that says, “if you help, you’ll get everything you want” meaning if you help other people get everything they want, it will come back to you.

If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s just to provide value with everything you do. If you provide value, it will come back to you.

If you provide value without expecting to get anything back,  I promise you it will come back to you. That’s why I think that every attorney should be recording at least one video every single day.

They could be talking about particular problems that they’re clients are having, something that they could do to help themselves, etc. That’s what I do, and it works incredibly well.