Video Transcription:

Hey, what’s up, everybody? So, today’s an exciting day, and I wanted to broadcast this live. Basically, today I am going to add my 500th member to this group. You could see right there, we got 499 members. I’ve actually got five people that want to join the group, a few people wanted to join over the weekend and I didn’t add them because I kind of wanted to create a video about this because this is a pretty interesting thing, and while I’m doing this I want to share 500 things that I’ve learned about joining a Facebook group, I’m just kidding. And actually, I’m going to share five things that I’ve learned about creating a Facebook group and it’s actually really simple, it’s actually really cool.

But first, let’s go ahead and without further ado, let’s get the 500 in here, so, it would be Steven Scriber, doesn’t even know it but he is number 500, and now, I’ll just go ahead and approve the rest of these guys as well, group funnels optimized, there we go. Alright, so let’s take a look here and see. Alright, 504 members and this is a pretty big accomplishment because this was not easy to do because I’m not sure if you know this or not, but lawyers do not like marketing people. That’s the one thing that’s been pretty interesting, let’s see, I’m using some new software here, so I’m trying to figure out why I’m not switching screens. There we go, alright, god, I’m using this new software from my webinar stuff that it’s pretty cool, I don’t know if it’s going to work or not, but it has all kinds of fancy graphics. So, let’s, without further ado, get rid of that.

Alright, so, here we go, five things I’ve learned from 500 members on my Facebook group or something, I don’t know, I don’t have the title written down but basically, here are the five things that I’ve learned, let’s see if I can get my graphics going here, alright.

Number one, at first creating a group absolutely sucks and the reason I say that is because when you first create a group, there is maybe only a couple people in there. For about a month and a half it was pretty much my business partner, my mom and like a few of my friends, but it was really important that I went through this period because one, I learned how to actually talk on camera and how to, you know, create content and just got used to creating content ,and the reality is that most of my content sucked at the beginning, but because nobody was watching it, it didn’t matter, and then I got comfortable and then by the time I was comfortable with it, miraculously my stuff was pretty good.

So, I mean, I’m still not pretty good, I still mess up all the time but, you know, you kind of get over that and you kind of start maybe not caring so much, and, you know, as long as you’re providing value, you focus on providing value and not necessarily about getting everything perfect. So, that’s a huge thing, so now, that brings me to point number two, provide value and that’s the biggest thing I can’t emphasize enough. So many people create these communities and create these groups, and all they do is they try to sell their stuff to you over and over and over again. The reason that I’ve been able to do so well and that I’ve actually kind of thrived in an environment where, you know, lawyers get hit up by marketing companies left and right. So, and a lot of them have been really burned by marketing companies so, what this, what I’m able to do is by providing value I’m basically making it so that I become an authority figure and you can do that as well.

So, if you create a community, don’t try to sell every time you talk to community, provide value, because the biggest thing is that if you can provide value for someone else, then they’re going to trust you and then they’re, eventually when they do want to hire you for something they’re going to reach out and hire you.

Next thing, what I’ve also learned, it actually should be number three, what I’ve also learned is that people actually watch my content. It’s weird because I’ll post a video, I’ll put emails out, I put, I do a lot of different content, every single day I send out an email to my email list. Almost every single day I put a video up, and there’s a lot of days when I’ll put stuff up, or I’ll send emails out and I’ll just kind of get crickets, no emails back, no messages, no comments, some of the times I don’t even get like, likes or anything like that, but I always eventually hear people say, oh I watch all your videos, I love them, or I saw that video about this or that and it was great and, you know, really helped me with my firm, really helped me with marketing and I’m kind of like, wow, I didn’t think anybody actually watch this.

So, what’s interesting is because you don’t get immediate feedback, you sometimes think oh, well maybe, you maybe question yourself, but what’s actually interesting is a lot of people actually watch this stuff. It’s really fascinating to see.

Number four, authority is power. Now, what does that mean? Basically, because I’m an authority in law firm marketing to a lot of people and  basically when I say that, when I say I’m an authority what I mean is because basically I’ve put out a lot of really high-quality content and people kind of understand that I kind of know a little bit about, a little bit about what I’m talking about with law firm marketing, they associate with me for law firm marketing, and a lot of people trust me because I put a lot of great content out there. So, that kind of makes me an authority. So, what happens is people trust me and they, you know, if someone’s getting all of their marketing advice from my videos, why would they hire anybody else if I’m available.

So, you can do that for your law firm as well, if you’re an expert on construction accidents for example, and you put all kinds of content out talking about how construction workers can stay safe and what you should do in a construction accident, here are five things to look at. Yeah, you know, to make sure that your job site is safe, and you’ve got all of this whole community of construction workers, and then somebody actually gets into an accident that’s in your group, why would they call anybody else? You’re the expert on construction accidents, and you can apply this to any field and any practice area for law, and it works really well.

That’s the amazing part about this whole thing is that and then when you become the authority people are actually trying to get you, convince you to work with them, I’ve actually had a lot of attorneys because like I said, and I’ve said this many times, I’m not taking that many new clients, I’m only taking new clients under special circumstances. And I’ve had a lot of people of that because they view me as this authority, they reach out, and they almost try to sell me on why I should work with them, it’s really kind of crazy to see, and it’s a very interesting position, I’ve never really been in that position before.

Now, the last thing in terms of the growth of the Facebook group, one thing I’ve learned is engagement is key. Whenever I post or whenever I create a post or even it’s not me sometimes, sometimes somebody else will create a post, and it gets a lot of engagement. What I noticed is that organic, people joining the group organically, that number really spikes up. So, what I’m going to start doing is I’m going to start creating a lot more content where I’m asking questions from members and things like that, but where this is important is because I rely on pay per click advertising on Facebook ads to grow my group. So, if I can get it to where, you know, I’m not necessarily having to pay to per click and or having to do Facebook ads, and I can just keep it growing through engagement, then I don’t have to pay to grow my group and that’s something that’s very important, that’s something that I’m really going to be experimenting with over the next couple weeks and months here.

So, those are my five secrets or five things I’ve learned about growing a Facebook group to 500 members. The other thing I should have add as number six but five goes in the 500, maybe if I get 600 members I’ll do six things I’ve learned, but another thing is patience and that’s something that a lot of people don’t necessarily have. I know I’m horrible when it comes to having patience, but what you just kind of have to understand is that it just takes a little bit of time, it doesn’t happen overnight. I started this group back in November, and I didn’t hit 100 members until I think February, and then it just kind of snowballed from there, by, you know, March I was at 200 members, and then by April I was at 400 members, and I think this last 100 really only took me like two or three weeks to get to which was pretty cool. And I think it will keep growing even faster than this, so it just kind of starts snowballing.

So, if you’re working on building a group, building your own community, you know, just give it a little bit of time. So, let me ask you a question, what, do any of you have your own Facebook groups? Have you wanted to start one? And, you know, if you don’t have one, do you want to start one? And if not, why don’t you have your own group? I’ve been kind of preaching about the power of Facebook groups and building your own community for a while, but I’m just curious what’s stopping you, what’s holding you back? Talk to you guys soon.