Using Facebook Messenger for Marketing

Facebook Messenger is a great way to connect with potential clients. If you’re missing messages, then you’re throwing away leads! People expect a fast response, so you cannot ignore these messages.

I’ve found out how to make sure that my clients aren’t missing their law firm’s Facebook messages. I do this by utilizing chatbots from the website

Chatbots make sure that people sending you a message on Facebook get an immediate response. It’s an automatic process and simple to set up.

Create a Chatbot For Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

To create an automatic welcome message for your law firm, you can go to the dashboard at and follow a series of simple steps. Within the dashboard click on automation.

Follow that to the welcome message and choose the option to create a new message or edit an existing message.

Most of you will be creating a new message instead of editing a pre-made one, but it’s good to know this option is here if you want to make changes in the future.

Customize your welcome message to whatever you want to say. For example, you can tell the person contacting you via Facebook that you appreciate them reaching out, but you sometimes miss Facebook messages.

You can say that it’s best to call us at the office and add a button in the chat box that allows them to call you directly from their mobile phone.

You can even personalize the message by having the chatbot autofill the person’s first name into the message.

Once you come up with a message for your firm, all you have to do is publish. You can even go to your Facebook page and test the message to see if it’s working correctly.

Message Me On Facebook And See How This Technology Works

For an example of what this looks like on a real Facebook page before doing it yourself, you can head over to the page I’ve set up as an example.

I’ve set it up to show you exactly how this feature works for a real Facebook page. Just send me a message and you can see it for yourself.

Setting up a chatbot for your law firm means that people messaging you won’t be forgotten or missed if you aren’t online the exact moment that you receive the message.

Attorneys are busy people. It’s difficult to keep up with your social media on top of everything else you have to do to make your law firm run smoothly.

This is an easy way to take some of the pressure off of you and ensure that you aren’t missing a single lead on Facebook!