Local Experts Know Local Needs

Guests on the news are usually local and typically, the interviews are based on some kind of current event.

It might be a local contractor who offers tips on how to make the most of a newly installed patio just in time for the summer months or it could be a local neurologist who offers parents and coaches tips on how to better protect the high school football players just before the first game of the season.

These segments are invaluable for many reasons, not least of all, the marketing opportunities they provide. Think it’s hard to be featured on the news? You’d be surprised at how easy it actually is.

Typically, you’ll find a phone number or email address – and don’t underestimate the private messaging feature on many social media sites – that allow story tips and ideas for those in the area. This is where you start.

Let them know you have a great story idea and you’d like to discuss it. Odds are, the number you’ve called or the email address you’ve used go straight to the newsroom, which means you may be asked to pitch your story on the spot.

Making Your Pitch

A few things you’ll want to include in your pitch:

Who you are: “As you may know, I’ve served the community’s personal injury law needs for more than ten years.”

Why your story idea is relevant: “High school football season kicks off next month and I have a few tips for keeping our players safer on the field as well as information on the latest medical breakthroughs on the horizon that can prevent catastrophic injuries.”

Anything you’ve done or know that others may not: “The newer breakthroughs were presented earlier this year at a conference I attended. I really think it will give parents and players peace of mind and will afford coaches a more proactive way of reducing injuries.”

These are just a few ideas, but a segment like this can really go a long way in your marketing efforts and it costs nothing.

You’re providing important information that others in the community may not know is an option and you just may be the go-to lawyer when the news team is looking for credible interviewees.