My clients are always searching for ways to improve their Google search ranking.

Attorneys have a lot of competition on Google. Which page you show up on makes all the difference in whether a potential client will call you or not. It pays to pay attention to your search ranking.

I’ve found a cool way to improve my clients’ search ranking and move them from page 3 to page 1 of Google. This tip is fast, easy and doesn’t involve complicated tech.

I’ll show you how it works.

How To Find Hidden Keywords To Rank Your Page Higher

Why do some attorney practice pages show up higher in the results than yours?

This has to do with the keywords and phrases they’re using on their web pages. Google crawls websites to see which ones have the best content for any given topic.

When you’re adding copy to your website, it can be difficult to think of new keywords to include. You aren’t sure which keywords and phrases are the most important to Google.

You can brainstorm a list of potential keywords for a given topic, but that takes time and might not be accurate. Instead, using a simple tool like Text-Tools can generate a list of keywords that can improve your ranking.

Using comes with a monthly fee, but it’s a great deal for the value you get. Here’s how Text-Tools works.

Pick the web page that you want to show up on the first page of Google. For example, let’s go with a Denver attorney that wants to rank their divorce page.

The attorney can type the topic “divorce lawyer Denver” into the Semantic Analysis – TFIDF in Text-Tools. It’s easy to find, and once you hit submit, it will generate a value-packed report.

The report can take a few minutes to run – so here’s what’s happening in the background. The top 16 results for the topic are be being pulled from Google.

Using a latent semantic indexing technique, the tool analyzes the top pages and figures out which keywords they all have in common. It determines which words and phrases are most important for ranking for the topic.

You’ll see a list of the common words and a graph that shows which ones are the most important. You can even compare the copy from your own page to see which of the same words you have and which ones are missing.

Copy the list of suggested keywords and include the words that make sense for your practice in your page that you want to rank higher. You can also pass this list to your content writer and have them add it on the page.

Try This Easy Tip For Your Law Firm And Move Up In The Rankings

Whether you implement this tip yourself or share it with your team, this is a great way to boost your Google ranking. Try it and see how quick it is to move your website to Google’s first page.