Video Transcription:

Hey everybody, hope you’re having a good day. So last week as you can see from my shirt I was at Funnelhacker, was it last week or two weeks ago. Actually, I think it was two weeks ago? Two weeks ago, I was at Funnelhacker live, and there was a guy that spoke, named Garret White and basically one of the things that he was talking about was, it didn’t really have anything to do with marketing, it was basically just kind of different ways to start your day.

So, one of the things he suggested is this ridiculous green smoothie that he drinks every morning. And I like to think I eat pretty healthy, I’m actually vegan about 95% of the time but a lot of times being vegan it’s not always healthy foods, a lot of times I eat a lot of carbs and all that kind of stuff, and it just kind of drains my energy. So, I figured, alright I’m going to give it a shot. I’m going to try this absolutely ridiculous green smoothie that he makes. And I want to share with you guys the recipe because actually I’ve done it two days in a row now and it’s actually crazy.

I eat vegetables, but I don’t eat this much vegetables and fruit all at one time, and before I would typically have for breakfast in the morning was an English muffin with hummus on it or something, and I didn’t really get a lot of energy out of those. Basically, I’ve been drinking these smoothies for 2 days now and it’s been absolutely insane. I’ve had a ridiculous amount of energy and I’m actually being a lot more productive and I’m getting a lot more done because I’m just thinking more clearly. So, I wanted to show you the process that goes into making this smoothie which is a little ridiculous but, and it’s a little overwhelming. It actually fills up an entire blender and you’re supposed to drink the entire thing, so here we go. Let me show it to you.

Alright, so this is everything that goes into this smoothie. We’ve got an entire apple, we’ve got two, whole bananas, we’ve got raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, we’ve got half a can of orange juice concentrate which this is kind of where my wife keeps making fun of me because she is saying this whole smoothie is not a healthy smoothie because it uses half a can of orange juice concentrate with all the sugar. And maybe that’s true and maybe that’s where I’m getting the energy from but to make up for that I like to think that the entire 9 oz bag of spinach will make up for all that. And actually, to be fair, I don’t use the entire half can like the instructions say or the recipe says, instead what I do is I use probably about a third of it just to make the whole thing a little sweeter and then as I kind of get used to this, I’ll probably start using less and less and less. But the energy that I am getting from this is pretty crazy.

So, let’s go ahead and make this thing. Put some orange juice concentrate in and I’m going to have to put my phone down for this one. Alright, now we’ve got the orange juice in there, and as you can see I didn’t add the whole half can as they recommend. Now the last thing we typically do, add a little bit of water. Just come over to my fridge and throw some water in there. Alright got my water, that was not quite easy. That was not that easy to do while holding the camera, so alright put this thing on here, put the lid on, press it down, there we go, and use the frozen drink, smoothie and let’s go.

Alright so it’s finished now and what I found is I like doing it twice, because if you can see in there, not sure if you can see, you can still see some chunks of spinach. Alright, we are finished so let’s see if we can get a cup and test this out. Alright, it’s a little more pea green than I’m used to, let’s try this out. It’s a different shade of green every time. I think it just depends on how much fruit I add in there, so see if I can get in here.

That’s actually pretty good and it gives you a ton of energy. And I have only been doing this for three days, it actually tastes really good and this actually serves as my breakfast and my lunch because I haven’t really been hungry for lunch after eating this ridiculous amount of vegetable, or spinach and fruit for breakfast. So, have you ever tried anything like this? Do any of you use green smoothies? Are you interested in trying this out? Let me know in the comments. Thanks.