I saw something today that made me feel frustrated. Actually, I see this all the time and lawyers are often victims of this, so I wanted to tell you about it.

There is one of the Google guys, like a PR, he puts out a lot of information from Google, and his name is John Mueller. Somebody asked him about a Google partnership search engine optimization company, that’s a company that does search engine optimization, and that has a partnership for search engine optimization with Google.

What’s The Issue With Google “Partnerships”?

There are all these marketing companies out there that will tell you, “Oh, we’re Google certified, we’ve got all these partnerships with Google,” and it’s a lie. There is no such thing as a Google search engine optimization partner, so if any marketing company comes to you and tells you, “Oh yeah, we’ve got this partnership with Google.” They’re lying.

What It Takes To Get That “Certification”

Okay, so maybe they’re not exactly lying, but they’re misleading you. They could have a Google partnership with AdWords, but a Google partner with AdWords is a joke. All you have to do is take this 100-question test, and you can literally Google the answer to every question on the test. It’s a joke.

It’s a marketing gimmick. Do not hire someone based on the fact that they say that they have this special relationship with Google because they do not have a special relationship with Google. They’ve got a certification that everyone has. I used to have it too.

I don’t have it anymore just because it doesn’t mean anything. I didn’t even bother renewing my certification or my Google partner status, just because it’s a joke.

The Truth About Special “Relationships” With Google

If you’re talking to a search engine optimization company and they say, “We have a special relationship with Google that allows us to get better rankings,” or get better links or whatever it is, run as fast as you can the other direction. There’s no such thing.

I already knew there wasn’t, but John Mueller from Google just confirmed that there is no such partnership with Google. There’s my quick little PSA. If anyone is telling you they have a partnership with Google for search engine optimization, they’re lying.