I help law firms with their marketing and have noticed a recurring problem with my clients. They can’t get their law offices to show up in Google Maps listings.

This is a common issue and I can explain why this happens. I’ll also show you what you can do about it for your firm.

Here’s the Reason Your Law Firm Isn’t In Google Maps

Lawyers that are unable to rank in Google Maps might be experiencing a problem that is out of their control. I’m talking about their address.

If you have an address without the name of the city you want to rank for, then you’ll find it extremely difficult to show up in the listings.

Google prioritizes the location of your business. When someone searches for a law firm in a particular city, the Maps results will only show locations with an address in that city.

For instance, if someone searches “Orlando attorneys” then Google will only show law firms with an Orlando address in their results.

It doesn’t matter if you have optimized your website for a certain city. If your address isn’t in the city then you won’t show up in Google Maps for that particular city.

This can be frustrating, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t show up in Google Maps for another area.

Using Unincorporated Areas To Show Up In Maps Listings

Law firms that can’t show up in Google Maps for their chosen cities can still show up for unincorporated areas.

These areas are simply places that don’t have an actual physical address, but are still searched in Google. For example, a county instead of a city.

People can search for attorneys in Orange County, Florida, but none of the attorneys will have an address with Orange County in it.

Optimizing your web pages for your county instead of the city you serve is an excellent way to still show up in the Maps searches if your address is hurting your search rank.

Unincorporated areas may not get the same high-amount of searches as the cities located within them, but you can more easily rank for them.

If you optimize your website for unincorporated areas, then you can still rank in local searches.

Optimize Your Content And Get New Leads

Law firms should never underestimate the value of unincorporated areas when it comes to Google Maps listings.

You might not have control of your address, but you can control the content of your website.

Focus on optimizing your content for your targeted unincorporated area, and you’ll begin to see an increase in your leads from Google Maps.