There are countless benefits to having an active and updated Google My Business listing for your law firm.

A Google My Business profile makes it easier for clients to easily find your law firm’s contact information when they are in need of legal services.

Having an active listing can also improve your local SEO, which means it could generate new leads. Creating a Google My Business listing only takes a few minutes, but lawyers often run into problems with their profile that take much longer to resolve.

Sometimes, lawyers may find that the changes they are making to their profile are not saving, which means inaccurate information is being displayed to potential clients.

It’s also possible that Google could accidentally mark your listing as “closed,” so potential clients think there’s no use in calling your law firm.

It’s important to fix these problems as quickly as possible, so they don’t cost you clients. How? By calling Google.

How Do I Go About Contacting Google?

Google does not take calls from law firms who want to know how to rank higher in the search results, but they will talk to law firms who are having trouble with their Google My Business page.

You can contact a Google representative about these issues by calling 1-866-246-6453, or 1-866-2GOOGLE. Before you are connected to a live representative, you will be asked to enter your AdWords customer ID number.

If you already have an account, now is the time to enter the information so you can be transferred directly to a representative.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Have An AdWords Account?

But, many lawyers don’t have an AdWords account set up for their law firm. Don’t end the call simply because you don’t have an AdWords account. Spend a few moments setting up an account so you can get through to a representative.

Another option would be to enter the number 4914866644 whenever you are asked to provide your AdWords customer ID.

This number links to a fake AdWords and Gmail account that we created to help our colleagues overcome this obstacle so that they can get in touch with someone at Google.

Entering this number will save you the time and hassle of having to create your own AdWords account just to get someone on the phone.

After entering the account number, you should be connected to a representative with Google who knows how to fix the issue you are encountering with your business profile.

This is much easier and faster than attempting to resolve the problem without any help from the pros!