Video Transcription:

Hey everybody, Andy Stickel here. Hey listen, I was just opening my mail today, and I got something from Dyson, the vacuum cleaner company. It’s actually addressed to my wife, and it’s an ad for some of their latest vacuums, and I want to show you real quick why Dyson sucks at marketing.

Okay, so this is the package I got. It’s actually a pretty nice package, it’s a little beat-up now, but it looks pretty good. Basically, it’s really nice, nice quality, nice printing, it’s got nice pictures there, it opens up like this, it has new ideas and information about the history of the Dyson Vacuum. It’s got a nice picture of the guy from Dyson inspiring young minds. Dyson is all about solving problems.

Then, we open up here, we invent things to perform better. See research design and development, you’ve got all this stuff, opens up really nice like this…like everyone we get frustrated by products that don’t work properly, blah, blah, blah. Then you got another packet in here, pioneering technology all this kind of stuff. Dyson digital motor V10.

Okay, here’s the problem, Dyson does not say anywhere in this any of the benefits to me. It does not tell me how is this going to be better than my vacuum cleaner, does not tell me what is this going to do with, how is this going to benefit my life, how is this going to make my life better. All it does is talks about them and talks about them and talks about them.

Imagine if you go to a party, and all you do is talk about yourself and talk about yourself and talk about yourself and talk about how great you are. Do people like you? No. Are people going to want to spend time with you? No. Are people going to want to hire you for whatever service you have? No, they’re going to talk about the asshole that just talked about himself the entire party.

Here’s the problem, Dyson and so many marketers don’t understand this so simple concept. I think there’s a slogan its features tell, benefits sell. Keep that in mind, and I mean even you know this is, I see small companies do this, I see small law firms do this, and even major companies that have hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dyson probably spends millions of dollars on advertising, and they’re still not getting this basic concept down. So hopefully, somebody from Dyson is watching this hopefully; you’re watching this and taking notes. If you want to get more clients, don’t suck like Dyson. Tell people how you’re going to benefit them, and you’ll get a lot more clients, thanks a lot guys.