Hey Lindsay, Andy Stickel. Actually, I’m recording a video because actually I get this question a lot from my clients and it’s probably something that a lot of attorneys’ struggle with.

So, I’m going to answer your question but I’m also going to create a video on the topic. So, your question is, “Hey Andy! We have some clients that have left reviews for us on Google, but we don’t have any for Facebook. Is there a way to put our Google reviews on Facebook?”

Well, I would say the best thing to do is contact those clients and see if they’d be willing to give you another review, not a copy and paste review, but another review on Facebook. And the reason is, is because if you just copy, like so for example, first of all, you want the actual reviews to come from the people, accounts that wrote them, you don’t want to just because when you leave a review it basically it’s going to put their name and their picture next to it.

So, if like so for example, if you were to go on your account and just copy and paste the reviews in, it would look pretty suspicious if you’re the one leaving all the reviews.

Now the other thing is Google might hit you for a duplicate content penalty. I don’t know if it goes so deep for reviews, but I don’t like taking that chance. I know on a website duplicate content can definitely hurt you.

I would imagine that having the same review appear over and over and over again on a lot of different places would probably hurt you as well. So, what I would do is I’d reach out to the clients and I’d say, ‘Hey listen, we really loved the review that you gave us on Google, we would really really appreciate it if you gave us a review on Facebook.

That will help people that were in the same situation that you were in when you came to us. That will help them make a decision that they can hire us and help them make the decision to hire the right law firm for their case because obviously, you are the right law firm for their case.’

You can even say, ‘you know we really appreciate this, we will even you know send you a Starbucks gift card or something just for taking the time because we appreciate it so much.’ That’s the approach that I would take. I wouldn’t do a duplicate content, I wouldn’t copy and paste that.

See you if can get legitimate reviews from the people. Same thing goes for Yelp, Avvo, all these different places. So hopefully that answers your question, if you have anymore questions let me know. Thanks.