You may not know it yet – but your law firm’s business card sucks.

It’s a harsh reality – but it might be time to change up your card.

Look at your business card right now. I’m going to guess that it’s pretty standard. It’s white, plain, and professional.

But is it making an impression?

Probably not.

Try This For Your Law Firm’s Business Card Instead!

There are a lot of law firms out there. To differentiate from the other lawyers you need to set yourself apart from the rest.

A great way to stand apart is with a unique business card.

I’ve handled marketing for many law firms over the years. I’ve found that some business cards have the potential to stand out to your clients.

In my experience, plastic cards make an impression that standard business cards can’t compete with.

These business cards are plastic, see-through, and vibrant.

Compare that to the standard, white card stock business cards that everyone hands out.

More often than not, these business cards are stuck in someone’s pocket and thrown away as soon as they get home.

They don’t stand out. They don’t make an impact.

Plastic business cards are different.

How Can Plastic Business Cards Help Attorneys?

As I said, these cards make an impression. Here’s how plastic cards make a difference:

● Clients hold on to these cards. I’ve had clients let me know months after giving them my card that they felt bad throwing the card out because it was so nice.

● These cards instantly make an impression. When I hand out my plastic business card I constantly hear people say how cool they think they are. When cards make an impression the client remembers them!

● They’re around when the client needs them. Unique business cards are much less likely to be thrown away.

This means your card is still around and top of mind when someone gets arrested or in a car accident.

Whatever practice area you specialize in, your card is around when the client needs you.

Don’t Cheap Out On Business Cards

It’s tempting to go with the inexpensive option when it comes to business cards.

Plastic cards like these run about $1 apiece.

When you’re ordering 500 to 1000 cards at a time, that adds up.

Take a lesson from me. You don’t want to waste money on a cheaper plastic business card.

The first plastic business cards I ordered were from a good company – Plastic Printers.

I’m not affiliated with them, but I love their product. The cards were great.

They were a high-quality plastic and the print was clear and bright. These cards looked high-end.

The next time I ordered plastic business cards I tried to save some money.

I went with a less expensive company.

The plastic wasn’t as nice and the print was dull. It looked terrible and I was embarrassed to hand them out.

The moral of the story is you get what you pay for.

There are probably other great companies out there that make top-quality, plastic business cards, but Plastic Printers is what I’ve tried and I can personally say that their cards are great.

They make an impact.

Step Up Your Advertising Game With New Business Cards

Try it for yourself. Your business cards probably suck.

Invest in your advertising and switch over to a unique, plastic business card.

You’ll be one step ahead of the competition.