Video Transcription:

Hey everybody, Andy Stickel here, you know, David Strack shared something with the group back on April 22, and I wanted to make a video about this. Because this is a really really smart way that this law firm has done content marketing and this is something that we do for some of our clients from time to time, and it works really well. So, I want to show you what they did, and show you what the benefits are, show you the results, and show you how easy it is to do this.

So, what he shared is a local news story that was shared by WTOC which is in Savannah, Georgia, their local, they’ve got a local television station. So, basically what they did is they shared a link from the law firm, Butler Wooten, and Peak, which is a personal injury law firm that operates out of Savannah, and what Butler Wooten and Peak did is, they created an interactive map on their website that shows the most stretches of road in the state of Georgia. Now, what they did is they used public data, and they used their personal records and basically just made a big, you can see, this is pretty much an excel spreadsheet and they basically just created a report with the data which is an awesome way to do this.

So, they created an interactive map, I think that you don’t even necessarily need to do that. I think that A, you could hire a graphic designer to map these out for you if you wanted to go that route, or you could make a list like this and write an article about it and still it would get covered by the newspaper because you got to remember local news is always looking for stories.

So, you know, if you can do this research for them, and then provide them the data, and all they have to do is share it on their website, they will absolutely give you a link. So, this benefits them because they’re getting a link, look at this, this link right here goes directly to Butler Wooten Peak’s website, and that benefits them greatly. Because one, they’ve got a local link, they’ve got a relevant link because it’s talking about car accidents and it’s a link, it’s going to pass, link juice, it’s just called in SEO. So, this will absolutely help them, not only with traffic from people that are looking at this article online but also in Google, this is going to be a huge boost to them.

Now, we’ve done this before for other clients, and it’s extremely easy. All you have to do is figure out some sort of topic that you can gather data on and create a blog post, or you can go to or fiver and find a graphic designer that will create an infographic for you, and then just have them create the data, and then you send the link to all the news organizations, and like the way that they did this here. So, WTOC and they probably didn’t do this for a, I mean they probably do this for a lot of news organizations. But you can see right here, here’s the phone number, so all you have to, and here’s see FCC public file. Yeah, so all you have to do is give them a call and say, hey listen, I’m with Butler Wooten and Peak, personal injury law firm, we put together this great interactive map that shows all of the most dangerous roads throughout Georgia, which I’m going to share that link with you and you guys might, you know, share it with your audience and most organizations will say yes.

So, for example, we did one a couple of years ago for a criminal defense lawyer in California, and we contacted all of the main Sherriff’s offices throughout the state of California. We had an intern do this, so it was like an unpaid intern. Basically, we said, find out how many DUI arrest there were on Super Bowl Sunday the prior year and the year before that. So, what we started doing is we put together a list, and this was before the Super Bowl. So, we put together a report leading up to the Super Bowl and we sent it to a news organization or all the news organizations in the area and we said, hey listen, we created this infographic showing all of the arrests for DUI on Super Bowl Sunday, would you guys be interested in this and sure enough a few of them picked it up, you know, and that got us a really good backlink from a couple of different organizations that got some traffic, that did all kinds of stuff like that.

So, this type of stuff is not difficult, you just have to be a little bit creative. Think about what data you can collect and then put together, put it together in a report and then send it out to all the local news organizations, and you’ll be very surprised a lot of them will pick it up, and you’ll end up with stuff just like this really high-quality relevant link.

Have you guys ever done this? Let me know in the comments and if you guys have any questions let me know, I can kind of give you some tips on how we did for our clients and I hope to talk to you soon, thanks.