There are several review generation services that ask your clients what they think about your service and then prompt those who are most satisfied with your company to leave a positive review on Google, Yelp and other top review sites. Marketing people hear this and get excited because we all like ratings. But, this is not my favorite type of service. It would not be my first choice, and I will tell you why.

Seems a bit like a trick

They will send you an email. The email reads, please rate this and that. For example, please rate the quality of our service. They will have five stars. If you rate them one, two, or three stars then it redirects them to a website. But, if you rate the quality of service four stars or five stars, they are redirected to a place that reads, would you mind leaving us a review on Google or Yelp (or whoever you choose)?

It can be okay. It could depend on if you have a volume practice or not. I think you are much more likely to get better reviews if you actually reach out to people and talk to them. Then you understand if they had a good experience or not. Ask them personally about their experience, as if you really want to know. Then ask them if they would be willing to leave a review. This is the way to go.


When you reach out to a person, they feel that you care about them. You are giving them the respect of asking them how they feel and showing them the respect of listening. If they give you positive feedback, asking them to repeat it on Google or Yelp is flattering. They are singled out. They feel special. Otherwise, they feel like an address on an email file. Which way would you want to be treated? This is definitely a good way to do things.

Review Companies

There are a lot of review companies out there. The first one I became aware of is Get Five Stars. I went to the dentist and he was using the program. They texted me and asked if I liked their service, Yes or no. I said yes and then it said, here please leave us a review. It was good. There are a lot more, but I liked that one.

Entrepreneur Magazine has a recent list of top-rated review service which you can read by clicking here. It is a personal choice. Do you want to use them and if so, how do you want to use them? Remember, you set the tone for your law firm online and in person.

Cut to the chase

One thing you can do is just bypass the whole thing and just send them a link to leave the actual review. Instead of sending them a link to your Yelp profile, go to Yelp, click on reviews and go where you would go to begin typing your review. Then copy the URL and send them that URL you can also go to and make a short link and send them the short link. Now you are just asking for their review and taking them to the spot to list it. That will be the only way some people will give you the review.

Do the same thing with your Google link. If they happen to have a G-mail account you will even know when they have logged in. That is pretty cool too. Not everyone wants to be on the computer all day. Even if people love your company, asking them for a review may be pushing that love just a bit. So make it easy and you have a chance to get the review you so desperately want.