I was recently asked, “If I’m a bankruptcy attorney, why do I need a Facebook group? Because bankruptcy is a one and done thing” Yes, you’re right, bankruptcy is definitely a one and done thing, but the reason that you want a Facebook group is because a lot of people that will eventually file for bankruptcy are not necessarily ready to file for bankruptcy right this second.

How Can A Bankruptcy Attorney Use A Facebook Group?

The reality is that bankruptcy is not the solution for everybody. In fact, there are probably lots of people that come into your office, and maybe bankruptcy isn’t the best solution for them.

So, if you’re a bankruptcy attorney, how do you create a group that will benefit you in the long run? What you can do is you can create a group about eliminating debt or paying off credit cards. If you go to Facebook and you search debt relief, there’s a lot of different groups that come up on the subject of debt relief.

People are joining these groups, so you can become the leader of one these group and talk about all the different ways that people can reduce their debt and help repair their credit, with being one of those options. Then, that’s how you build a captive audience and discuss the benefits of bankruptcy, things that people don’t know about bankruptcy, when bankruptcy is a good idea, when a bankruptcy is not a good idea, how bankruptcy works, the different types of bankruptcies.

You can also show them the most important benefit of possibly filing for bankruptcy where instead of making the minimum payment on 25 credit cards, you can have one affordable monthly payment, and you’re not going to have to worry about creditors calling you.

The most important thing is to be creative. That’s how you build a big presence on the internet for yourself by introducing people to you and introducing yourself as the authority on a particular subject.

For example, a lot of people find me because I created a cheat sheet and then I continually keep providing content on how to market a law firm, eventually become an authority in their eyes, which is something that can be done with bankruptcy.

How To Efficiently Run Your Facebook Ads To Grow Your Facebook Group

You can always hire someone to run your Facebook ads. If you’re in my Facebook group, you’ll learn exactly how to do the right kind of Facebook ads, focusing on targeting the right people, and making sure these people find some piece of content that gets them into your world.

Perhaps you run a cheat sheet, “three ways to get creditors to stop calling you” or something of that nature. You use this cheat sheet to target people, then get them in the Facebook group, and eventually help them with their credit issues.

For a lot of people, the eventual solution is going to be bankruptcy. Now, if you’re targeting these people, and they’re getting all their information and advice from you, why would they hire another lawyer?

Facebook Groups Can Help Lawyers In Every Practice Area

That’s the power of the Facebook group! It doesn’t matter what kind of law you practice. All that matters is how much you know about a subject, how much you can help, and how much value you can provide.