Video Transcription:

So, responding to a question I recently got about Facebook groups. Joe asked, “If I’m a bankruptcy attorney, why do I need a Facebook group? Because bankruptcy is a one and done thing” And you’re right, bankruptcy is definitely a one and done thing, but the reason that you want a Facebook group is because a lot of people that will eventually file for bankruptcy are not necessarily ready to file for bankruptcy right this second.

So, how do you create, if you’re a bankruptcy attorney, how do you create a group that will benefit you in the long run? Well, what you can do is you can create a group maybe about eliminating debt or about paying off credit cards or how to, you know, something like that. There’s a lot of, if you go to Facebook and you search debt relief, there’s a lot of different groups that come up on the subject of debt relief.

So, what you can do, and the reality is that bankruptcy is not the solution for everybody, there’s probably lots of, I’m sure that there’s people that come into your office and maybe I’m wrong about this but there’s people that are coming to your office that maybe aren’t, maybe bankruptcy isn’t the best solution for them.

But, what you can do is you can create a group where you help people with their debt issues and, you know, like I said, if you go to Facebook and you search debt, debt relief, credit repair, different things like that you will find other groups and I actually searched before I got in the car here and there’s groups that have a couple thousand members.

So, people are joining these groups, so if you become the leader of this group and you talk about all the different ways that people can reduce their debt and help repair their credit and all that kind of stuff and bankruptcy being one of those options. Then, that’s how you build a captive audience, and then you can show, you know, you can talk to people about the benefits of bankruptcy, things that people don’t know about bankruptcy, when bankruptcy is a good idea, when a good bankruptcy is not a good idea, how bankruptcy works, the different types of bankruptcies and also you can show them, you know, the most important thing is show them the benefit of possibly filing for bankruptcy where, you know, instead of making the minimum payment on 25 credit cards you can have one affordable monthly payment and you’re not going to have to worry about creditors calling you all day long and blowing up your phone and the stress of getting all those letters and worrying about losing your house and worrying about this and that and all that kind of stuff.

So, there’s a ton of stuff you can do in a Facebook group if you’re a bankruptcy attorney. You know, it’s just kind of being a little bit creative and, you know, because most time I always say this, you know, most people nowadays, you know, you’re going for home runs when you really should be going for singles. That’s how you really build a really big presence on the internet for yourself or a real big name for yourself is just introduce people to you and start kind of, you know, introducing yourself as the authority on a particular subject. It’s kind of how I’ve done it where, you know, what I do is I introduce, a lot of people find me because I created a cheat sheet and then I just kind of continually keep providing content on how to market a law firm and I eventually become an authority in their eyes and you can do that with bankruptcy.

So, you can find somebody that, you know, if you do your Facebook ads, right? Which Joe you’re actually in my group, so you’ll learn exactly how to do the right kind of Facebook ads but if you, you know, really focus on targeting the right people and making sure that, you know, they find some piece of content that gets them into your world.

So maybe you do a cheat sheet, three ways to get a creditor, three ways to get your creditors to stop calling you, you know, today, something like that, I don’t know, use some sort of cheat sheet that’s going to target people and then you get him in the group, and then you help them with their credit issues and, you know, a lot of people, the eventual solution is going to be bankruptcy, some people it might not be bankruptcy, but the eventual solution for a lot of people will probably be bankruptcy. Now, if you’re targeting these people, if they’re getting all their information from you, if you’re the authority that’s giving them all this advice, why would they hire another lawyer?

That’s the power of the Facebook group, you know, so, it’s very powerful, doesn’t matter what kind of law you practice, you know, I mean, bankruptcy, real estate, immigration, I mean just think about how much you know about a subject and there’s a lot of people that are very interested in that, you know, that you can help and as long as, and the thing is as long as you’re providing value that’s the biggest thing, it’s just value, you know, if you provide value then it’ll work out, you know. And hopefully, that answers your question as to how a group, you know, benefits a bankruptcy attorney, so. Alright, let me know if you have any more questions, I’m happy to help, and I’ll talk to you soon.