When people look for a lawyer, they want to hire one that is known as an expert in their field. Anyone who has this type of reputation is known as an influencer and is highly sought after by prospective clients.

Fortunately, becoming an influencer is not as hard as it may seem. In fact, it’s one of the simplest law firm marketing strategies to implement. Here’s how:

Gather Assets

Before you begin transforming into an influencer, it’s important to gather all of the assets you will need to implement this strategy. Start with an e-book that is between 500-700 words in length.

You will need to write about something that is relevant to prospective clients, so there’s no better way to think of a topic than by asking current and former clients for advice. Find out what information they were eager to find when they first began dealing with their legal issue.

Next, create a Facebook group for your target audience. For example, a bankruptcy lawyer could create a group for people who are in debt. This is where you will be posting content in the future—not on your business page—in order to get around Facebook’s recent algorithm change.

The final asset you will need to create is a landing page. This is where leads will be directed to download your e-book. It should ask leads to enter their contact information in order to download a copy of your e-book. It should also direct leads back to your Facebook group after they have entered their contact information.

Promote the E-Book

Now, you’re ready to promote the e-book on Facebook. The ad should focus solely on the e-book and not on your business or legal services. Send anyone who interested in the e-book back to the landing page mentioned above.

If you are targeting the right people, this ad can be used to generate new leads. Since the landing page directs people back to your Facebook group, the ad will also drive growth in your group.

Create Content

This is the most important step of all. Every influencer needs to create content on a regular basis.

It may seem pointless to create content in the beginning when there are only a few followers in the group, but do it anyways. This will help you get into the groove of creating content every day.

Post interesting blogs, articles, videos, and short tips so you are a prominent voice in the group and seen as a legal authority.

As more people join the group, your voice will be amplified and you will become an influencer before you know it!