A lot of times, lawyers tend to over complicate things. Now, the one thing you have to remember is that most lawyers have a higher level of education than most of their clients. You have four years of college plus you have an advanced degree of a law degree. Some attorneys even have other degrees. In fact, I know some lawyers that are also medical doctors.

What happens is that I see content that’s written by lawyers, either blog posts, social media posts, or advertisements and the problem is that it’s written like a lawyer would write it. Now, the issue with that is that it’s typically too complicated for the average person to understand. You need to make things very simple and write it at a third or fourth-grade level.

How Can I Simplify My Writing?

I want to show you how you can simplify your copy, as well as a free tool that you should run everything you write through, making life simple.

Here’s the status update that I’m going to use for this exact video. It’s “Hey lawyers, when you compose advertising copy for your website or social media posts or advertisements, do you write like a lawyer? If so, there’s a high probability that you’re making your content overly complicated, and you can capture more attention if you made it easier to understand. Below is an extremely simple method that you can implement to accomplish this goal.”

Using The Hemingway App To Make Your Content Easier To Read

Before I post this, what I’m going to do is copy this and go to Hemingway editor. All you have to do is go to Hemingwayapp.com.

What’s cool about this is it gives you a tutorial of how the Hemingway app works before you even use it. So, if you look here at the yellow sentence, if a sentence is hard to read, then it highlights it yellow. If it is very hard to read, it highlights it red. It gives you the option to use alternative phrases and utilize shorter and easier words.

What you should do is paste your copy here. Your goal is to make this so that there is no color whatsoever. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that every person can understand and interpret the message in your writing, no matter what level of education they have received.