Video Transcription:

Hey guys, Andy Stickel here. Just sitting at a red light and I had a thought, so I figured I would throw this video on real quick. So, I was involved, actually, I wasn’t even involved, and I just witnessed a debate online this weekend in a marketing group talking about, you know, kind of how marketing works and how easy or difficult marketing is, and what your message should be…and one thing I noticed as I was watching, you know, several people debate about how to write ad copy, how to do online marketing, how to, you know, sell things.

I realized that most people don’t understand the basic fundamental of how to sell things online, or how to sell products, or how to market yourself really, and I mean marketing is not difficult, marketing is really simple actually, it’s a simple matter of finding a market, finding a hot market…if you’re an attorney, you’ve probably already done that. So, if you’re a divorce lawyer or you’re a personal injury lawyer or if you’re a real estate lawyer. So, you find a market, and then you figure out what people want, and then you sell it to them, you know.

So, it’s like a lot of times people are over-complicating things, and they’re guessing, and they’re thinking, you know, maybe it’ll work if we change the message to this, or maybe it’ll work if we change the message to this. The reality is that you’ve got the data and if you have access to clients, if you have access to people that are like the type of people that you’re serving.

So for example, if you are a divorce attorney, and you currently have divorce clients, then you can figure out what they want and find more people like them because, you know, I mean most people are not, I mean people are obviously all individual but as a whole, you know, there’s only a few things that they could want. If you could figure out what their desires are, what their fears are, and what they want, and then everything you do, all of your messaging goes around that, it’s pretty simple.

So, let me give you a perfect example if you’re a bankruptcy attorney, there’s a lot of fears that are going to come along with bankruptcy. So, someone who is going through bankruptcy, they may be worried that they’re going to lose their house, they may be worried that, you know, they can’t afford bankruptcy attorney, you know, there’s a lot of things that they want, but they’re afraid of, but the biggest thing is they want to resolve their debt issues. So, they want to get out of debt, they want to, you know, be able to afford their payments, they want to have the bill collector stopped, they want all that stuff. So, if you understand that, you know, the basic thing that they want. So, let’s say, and again, I haven’t polled people for bankruptcy, but if you talk to some of your clients and you figure out what it is that they want.

So, maybe the majority of them just want the bill collector to go, or maybe they want some of the pressure taken off of them, you know. What you could do with all of your messaging it should all be about giving people what they want. So, if you’re a bankruptcy attorney and you know that people want peace of mind, they want bill collectors to stop calling, maybe they want to buy a house one day, maybe they want to you know, get their credit repaired. Whatever that biggest desire is, that’s what you need to be leading with, not the fact that you got 25 years of experience or that you’re board-certified or anything like that. What you need to be leading with is what you can do for them, and the thing that you can do for them should be the thing they want, and if you change your messaging to that, you’ll have a ton of success almost instantly because that’s the biggest thing. Even with a consultation, when someone comes in and they say, okay, why should I hire you? The answer should not be because I’ve got 25 years of experience, the answer should be because I can do x y and z for you, because I can achieve the thing that you want, I can give you that peace of mind, I can, you know, put together a plan that allows you to eventually be able to buy a house or that allows you to consolidate all of your credit cards into one payment so that you can afford it.

There’s all kinds of things like that, you know, the same thing with child custody, you know, a lot of times for example maybe fathers are afraid that they’re going to lose custody of their kids or that they’re just not going to see their kids, that’s a big fear. So, instead of saying, oh I’m the best of worst attorney, I could do all this, what you need to do is lead with what you can do for them. Lead with the benefit, and when that benefit matches exactly what they want, then you’re going to have success every time. So again, I mean it’s really basic stuff and when someone kind of puts it that way, usually you kind of look at it, I know I’ve, I didn’t, you know, I didn’t make any of this stuff, I learned a lot of this stuff, and once I kind of started understanding these concepts something just like a light bulb went on as it’s going to make so much sense.

Why would I talk about anything other than what they want? You know, for my clients, why would I, you know, and even for my own business when I’m, you know, when I’m talking about, you know, trying to get lawyers to hire me to do their marketing. Why would I talk about my experience, all the lawyer cares about is getting clients, you know, they don’t care about how much experience I have, they care about what they’re going to get out of hiring me. It’s the same thing with your clients, you know, they only care what you can do for them, they don’t care about how much experience you have, they care about the end result. So, if you follow that method, if you follow that strategy and kind of keep that in mind with everything that you do for your marketing I think you’re going to have a lot of success. So, hope that helps, I’ll talk to you guys soon.