Video Transcription:

Hey everybody, Andy Stickel here. A lot of you may have seen my ad that I’ve been running recently where I’m giving away a free cheat sheet, it’s a social media cheat sheet that teaches lawyers the three secrets to getting more clients using social media. I recently recorded a video and I want to show you the different elements of this video, so you can kind of watch this video. Like, a lot of people have seen the video and it’s actually, the videos actually worked very well. I’ve gotten a lot of new leads from this video. But everything in this video is very deliberate and I want to show you exactly, kind of step by step what each piece of this video is so you can kind of understand maybe how to frame an offer and a lot of times you can do a no-cost cheat sheet for your law firm for a lot of different things. And typically, the difference between that cheat sheet getting downloaded and getting traction and no one caring is the offer.

So, I want to show you real quick kind of the parts of this video this is actually a screenshot of the ad right here. Now, I learned this method from a guy named Dan Henry. Dan Henry is actually one of, see why can I not shift here, Dan Henry, he’s the one who directed this video and he actually filmed this video and helped me with it. But basically, this element, these elements are kind of are mostly from his method. I kind of, some of it is taken from other places also but I figured I wanted to give him some credit because he is actually the one that directed this video for me. So, as you can see there is eight elements to this ad and I’m going to pull up Final Cut Pro here and show you all eight elements and what they are, so let me go here to Final Cut Pro. So, this is Final Cut Pro right here and basically, lets see, now the first thing that I want to point out is that this video starts with a Pattern Interrupt. And if you look that first element, its pattern interrupt.

Now pattern interrupt means that basically when you’re going through, when you’re going through your newsfeed, you’re scrolling through your newsfeed there’s so much stuff there. Something has to kind of get your attention and snap you out of the mundane. Now, for me I did at the top this big red bar that says, “Hey Lawyers!” Now, I just recently recorded another video that I’m going to be releasing here pretty soon and I used a different type of pattern interrupt. Take a look at this, let me see if I can bring this up here. So, this is my newest video that I’m going to be doing. But if you can see the beginning, I start with a gavel and I also have the red bar but it kind of grabs your attention, watch this. “Hey Lawyers, it’s Andy Stickel again. Buy now…”

So, as you can see it’s just something that you wouldn’t see every day, something that’s a little different, it’s a little gimmicky but you know, I don’t really care. You know, it gets people’s attention and that’s what’s really important. These bars at the top work really well. I had actually, I had bars at the top and bars at the bottom actually said, “Hey Lawyers!” at the top and then “Do This” at the bottom. But Facebook, at first, they limit your, if you have too much text they limit the display, but the problem is they actually will stop displaying your ads at some point and they stopped displaying my ads. So, I got rid of the bottom bar and I made this ad the last ad was a square ad, this is actually 1000 x 750 but that’s a very important part, is the pattern interrupt because if you don’t get their attention then they’re not going to, then no one is going to even pay attention to your ad, to your video. So that’s the first step up. Now, the second element is desire. So, what that means is you need to state the thing that they want. Now, take a look at how I do that in this video. “Hey Lawyers, do you want more law clients? More cases and well, more income?” So basically, more law clients, more cases and more income.

That’s the three things that most lawyers that I talk to want. And especially the more income. So basically, you’ve got their attention and now you are talking about the exact thing that they desire, they exact thing that they want. So now, after this you’re going to an Introduction with Credibility. Now let me show you mine. “My name is Andrew Stickel and I don’t own a suit but what I do do is I help more than fifty law firms get more clients from the most unlikely of sources, social media.” Okay, so funny part about that is the whole I don’t own a suit thing is because when I went to Dan’s house I was not expecting to record a video for lawyers so I’m just wearing a t-shirt as you can see. And Dan was worried that people were going to think I was there to do his plumbing rather than to work with lawyers. So, the I don’t wear a suit part came there. But basically, you need some sort of introduction, a very quick introduction that gives you the credibility.

If you have appeared on tv or things like that you could even throw that in there. A short clip of you on tv, on the news, different things like that. For me, I didn’t have that clip handy so basically what I did is I just did ‘Hey, I’ve been working with more than fifty law firms helping them get clients using social media,’ so that’s the deal with that. Now the next part of this, that you’ll see in this video is a story. Now, what you typically need to do is tell a story. The reason I like stories is because people relate to stories better than just facts and figures. So, watch how I did this story. I talked about a client that I am working with. “Let me give you an example. I have a client named Aaron. He is an estate planning lawyer from Washington D.C. He’s tried for a year to get leads from social media and he’s failed time and time again. And the reason why…”

So now going to the next thing, you talk about Old Method. Now Old Method and Opportunity Switch, number 5 and number 6 these are actually very similar. And in an ideal scenario, its very easy to sell somebody when you give them a new opportunity. So, for example, improvement offers very rarely work. If I were to say, “Hey, you’ve been using Facebook but here’s a better way to use Facebook, that’s not going to work because it sounds like I’ve already done that, it’s not going to work. But what I’m doing is, I’m telling you here’s a different way to use Facebook but when you start, you start with the old method. So basically, what I’m going to do is I’m going to tell the story about the old method and why it didn’t work. So, here’s how I did that, “Why is because he is using an old but very common method that most people use all the time. The reason he wasn’t having much success with Facebook is because he was doing the same thing every lawyer does over and over and over again. And he got lost in the shuffle. What we do…”

Okay, so now I’m going into the new opportunity and I’m going to talk about what we do, this is the opportunity switch. Now, you’re probably wondering how do I apply this to my law firm and there’s actually some very easy ways. You just have to be a little bit creative and think about how can you give the services that you offer a new twist. So, for example, so let’s say you’re an estate planning attorney and everybody does the same type of thing with estate planning, basically estate planning attorneys aren’t really proactive so what you could do is you could create some sort of new product or some sort of new way that families can get their estates done and just kind of use that as the new opportunity. It doesn’t even have to be a new opportunity, it just has to be packaged as a new opportunity so maybe you create some sort of product that is a Family Legacy Plan or if you’re a bankruptcy attorney may be the Stress Relief 2000, I don’t know what you do. Something that basically takes what they’ve been doing, says the reason why it’s not working. Actually, with the bankruptcy attorney here’s a great example, you can say, “Listen, you pay your minimum payments every month over and over again and the balances never seem to go down, and you’ve got creditors calling you, all that kind of stuff.

And that’s the old way you’ve been doing it, the new way you can do is you file for bankruptcy and you reconsolidate all your bills, and you have one payment that stops the creditors and it’s a better opportunity. So, something like that, where basically you’re taking the old method and you’re replacing it with a new opportunity. And there’s really, you can do this with a lot of different things, you just have to put a little bit a creativity in it. And when you do this, it works really so well so here’s how I talk about my new opportunity, “What we do is we use one very specific type of ad and instead of creating post after post after post, we create one specific post and the important part about this post is that it works so well that not only does it bring in more leads but it brings in high quality leads which leads to more cases and more cases lead to more revenue. If you…”

Okay, so now the next part is going to be the Offer and basically the offer is not, I always say I’m going for singles not homeruns. So, there’s the concept of traffic you control that I talked about yesterday versus traffic that you don’t control versus traffic that you own. All traffic you want to eventually convert into traffic that you own. Now the way that you do that is to get the email address. So typically, what you could do or what a lot of people would probably do in this scenario is they would create a blog post that talks about a new opportunity and they put it on their website and then they link to the blog post or they would create a Facebook post and then they would boost the post that talks about the new opportunity. What I do and what I suggest you do is you create a PDF that discusses the new opportunity and the way that they get the PDF is by entering their email address so they have to opt in now you’ve basically taken like a Facebook ad, so if you are running this with a Facebook ad campaign like I am, you’ve now converted traffic that you control into traffic that you own.

Now, here’s my offer, “If you would like to download a 100% no cost, step by step cheat sheet that shows you exactly how he does this click the link…” So, another thing, never say “free” on Facebook, we say “no cost.” Any financial claims that you make on Facebook, Facebook gets really funny about that. So instead of saying free, say no cost. And never make any guarantees about any sort of outcome whatsoever. If you want to talk about an outcome just talk about an outcome that you got a client. It doesn’t have to be a real outcome, but you could say, this is the method I used to get four leads for my client, something like that.

Now, the last thing you want to do is you want to give them instructions and basically kind of tell them what to expect, so in this one I told them, go to the screen, enter your email address, then it’s going to come to you in your inbox so take a look at this, “Click the link included with this ad, enter your email address in the box, and we’ll send a copy right to your inbox. If you want more law clients’ then you need this cheat sheet. Click the link and download it now.” And then this graphic at the end is just a thing that’s designed to make them click the link but that’s basically the breakdown of this ad. These eight steps are really the most important keys to a successful Facebook ad. And this ad has been very successful because of these elements. Now, a couple of other things, one thing that I’ve done, I’ve made the video very contrasty so it kind of has a very interesting look, it kind of stands out a little bit. The other thing is that I have music behind that’s kind of like a driving music.

You can get music like this from a website called Audio Jungle, I think its called. Its either Audio Jungle or Audio Hive and it’s in the envato marketplace, something like that. But this track, I think I paid $19 for it, but that’s it. That’s the whole thing. Once you kind of break it down with those principles it becomes really easy to create ads and create offers and things like that. So, let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks.